“No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” it seems…

How Amy Coney Barrett might rule - POLITICO
Amy Coney Barrett

when it comes to Trump’s last two picks for the Supreme Court. Trump stuck by Kavanaugh throughout the whole ordeal and never wavered. He then chose a woman as a favor to the GOP to get a conservative woman placed on the bench. He had twenty five other choices to choose from. Personally, I think he made a grave error. He should have picked Ted Cruz. What does he get in return? Those two turning down a chance to review the Pennsylvania Election Case. How dare them!

What’s up with Amy? We supported her and believed she was a staunch conservative. Apparently not. Someone or something has gotten to her. I haven’t been happy with her recent decisions. She may be a RINO but we didn’t catch it in time. If she’s a RINO, she will always side with John Roberts. Or she’s a typical female that wants to be in a male position; but when she gets there, doesn’t have (literally) the cojones to do the job. She needs more male hormones maybe. The female libs on the bench don’t seem to have a problem ruling in favor of the Democrats. But we always get these flipflopping swing voters (that want to be liked by both sides) on the bench. Being liked by both sides is overrated. Pick a side and stick with it. Or maybe she sided up with the female justices on the bench and joined the girls’ club. I’m over it.

Would it be so hard to at least hear the evidence in Pennsylvania Election Case? With the chance that we had the biggest election fraud in history, why not put that rumor to bed? Without hearing the evidence, they deny to hear the case. I’d have more respect for Amy if she took the case and ruled against it. But she seems to lack courage.

She lied during her confirmation hearing. She said she would rule in favor of the constitution because she is a constitutional judge. I’m not seeing it. Maybe she’s been threatened, but that sort of comes with the job. She needs to put her big boy pants or robe on and start being more appreciative for Trump nominating her. So far I haven’t seen her appreciation at all. No good deed goes unpunished. When’s she going to step up to the conservative plate?

Boy, oh boy, I’d much rather see Ted Cruz in her position, ice storm scandal and all. But I am becoming increasingly cognizant of the fact that I will be disappointed a lot this year by our SCOTUS, POTUS, Congress, and DOJ. They are holding all the cards and there’s no checks and balances any longer. :>/


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