Judiciary Dems Infer that Trump Supporters are Domestic Terrorists…

Thousands Pack Jacksonville's Cecil Airport For Trump Campaign Rally | WJCT  NEWS
Domestic Terrorists?
Seattle protest updates: The city reacts to the death of George Floyd | The  Seattle Times
Or Domestic Terrorists. You decide.

but no mention of the terror BLM and Antifa inflicted on Portland, New York City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Seattle, Denver, and other liberal towns all last year. No mention! They have no fear of burning cities as long as they are committed by leftist groups at night. They claim that FBI Director Chris Wray says our biggest threat is from domestic terror of white supremacists with the KKK! This is bullcrap. And Trump supporters aren’t KKK.

They actually brought up the Oklahoma bombing and compared it to the Capitol Breach as though they are one and the same. Really? Hundreds of children died in that surprise terror bombing. They are also equating some nuts who planned to kidnap the governor of Michigan with Trump supporters as well. It is frightening to think that this is what they are trying to do: spread fear of Trump supporters among Americans.

Let’s get something clear: It wasn’t just Trump supporters that breached the Capitol. They were intermingled with leftist agitators. The break in was planned days in advance. The damage done to the Capitol appeared to be by leftists as well as attacks on police. True Trump supporters love the police and would never attack them. The Democrats generalization of the crowd members that committed crimes at the Capitol building is just incorrect and disturbing.

I know what they are trying to do. They want Americans to fear Trump and give his supporters a bad rap wherein if they appear on the street peacefully, cops will have to make them disperse or be arrested. Trump supporters are the new Tea Party. They were never violent either. The Dems want the police to spray them with pepper spray or teargas to anger them into violence. This is my fear.

Have you noticed Obiden won’t travel anywhere that may have election protesters in the streets like Trump had to endure for years? He doesn’t like the optics, so he just avoids it all together. Trump had streets full of protesters with a baby Trump balloon mocking him when he first became president. They wanted his taxes released. Obiden is very thin-skinned.

Judge Merrick Garland must have lived under a rock for the last four years. He has to be the most uninformed individual in D.C. He’s heard of the Steele Dossier but never read it. He’s heard of the FISA court doctored paper but hasn’t been following it. He has the Horowitz Report but hasn’t had time to read it, just the cliff notes. He’s heard of the Durham Investigation but not sure what it is about. Really? He’s aware that illegals are crossing the border but hasn’t thought about whether or not it is a crime. Really? He’s aware of the Hunter laptop investigation but not sure if it will be pursued. That I believe. This guy had more ums and ahhs and I don’t know or my favorite I haven’t thought about it answers than a politician on trial for destroying subpoenaed evidence. In fact, he sounds more like a politician than a judge.

Basically all Garland cares or knows about is domestic terror. He said crimes done in those cities were at night so, therefore, not considered domestic terror but I’m not familiar with the cases. Really? He does not care about any crimes committed by the Bidens, leftist groups, or any against Trump. He is not an impartial candidate for Attorney General. He’s pissed that he didn’t get on the Supreme Court and will punish anyone that prevented him from it, i.e. the GOP. This is why Obiden chose him, undoubtedly. He is ill fitted for this position. We are screwed if he gets in.

Today they are holding a meeting on the Capitol Hill Breach insinuating again that it was a planned attack done by “armed” Trump supporters. One member says this was the first but there will be many more. What? It is almost like they are inviting more violence. But they never cared when the White House got threatened. In fact, the media mocked Trump for having to go underground in a safe place until the rioters went home to mommy. They allowed these thugs to set St. John’s Church afire and no one cared. If that arson had been by a Trump rally member, we’d never hear the end of it.

Yesterday the women’s soccer team didn’t kneel like they usually do. When asked why, they responded, because things are being done to end racial inequality. Really? Already? I…don’t…think…so. Is this a joke? Now it is clear that the kneeling never had anything to do with racial inequality. Maybe at the beginning when Kaepernick started it while Obama was president, but it morphed into a symbol of hate for Trump. Now that Trump is out of the picture, it’s okay to stand for the National Anthem. Ahhh, isn’t that nice?

So you see, we are getting screwed six ways from Sunday; whatever that means. Nothing the left does is for the reason they say it is. We are living in a fantasy world. Everything is a façade. Trump supporters are bad and leftist agitators are good. Nothing is what it seems.


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