AP Calls Out Biden Team for Taking Credit for Trump Policies!

Calling out State Spokesman

Really? I can’t believe my ears. Remarkably, an Associated Press reporter argues with spokesman for the State Department who was at the podium bragging about a foreign policy that Trump had already put in progress. The reporter says, “You’re trying to take credit for something that was already in place under Trump Administration. Can you tell me in one month all this happened under the new administration. Yes or no?” The spokesmen hummed and hawed and laughed dismissively as they’d never had a liberal reporter challenge them. Then he said, “people working in our department have been working here previously” or some lame excuse. But reality is, they got rid of every Trump employee and are just trying to take credit away from Trump Administration. It was not a newsworthy report as it had already been accomplished. Kudos to the Associated Press!

But if this is a glimpse into the future of how liberal reporters might finally challenge this administration, it gives us all hope. Hope that things start to turn around by liberals getting fed up of being fed lies everyday by the Biden Administration. At least, Trump was transparent and so was his press secretary. They didn’t like what they heard, but at least they answered every question truthfully. School closures are becoming a fever pitch as well as vaccine eligibilities amongst citizens. We hear something different everyday from the likes of Fauci and Pippi Longstocking. They can’t tell the truth if their life depended on it. They skirt around issues like a show horse and tap dance like Shirley Temple.

This is the Obama-way of running the administration. “Take credit from the previous administration when there is good news and blame them for everything that doesn’t work out.” Obama blamed his poor economy on President Bush ad nauseam. But when Trump quickly turned it around with his new policies, regulations, and taxes, Obama came out of the woodwork and tried to take credit. “We handed him off a soaring economy.” Truth was, Obama had given up on the economy and even said, “We can’t just take a magic wand and make factory jobs reappear.” So you see, Obama lied to cover for his failed policies and Biden will do the same.

Raising the minimum wage to $15 from $7.25 is a job killer. It doesn’t give companies a chance to hire entry level employees. High school kids will no longer be able to get a summer job nor college kids. But what’s the big deal? No one goes to high school or college any longer anyway. They just sit home getting lazy. I’m not sure where our kids are heading with no summer jobs and no in-school learning, no proms, no football games, and no physical education. But it doesn’t look good to me. My favorite class was P.E. The Democrats are running some sort of Pursuit of Unhappiness and Unfreedom of Speech organization. Our forefathers are spinning in their graves.

Biden seems to think entry-level employees are raising a family, and that’s why they need a living wage. These kids aren’t raising a family. They live at home and need a summer job. And we need them off the streets raising havoc. Raise the rate to $10 an hour, if needed, but $15 will kill small companies. Maybe that’s his intent. They’ve locked them down for over a year, why not put the final nail in the coffin?

Democrats are holding a meeting today on trying to censor FOX News and Newsmax. Wow! Without these channels, we’d never have heard the truth of what happened during the Trump Administration. We’d never have been able to see the riots and burning of cities that they say is a myth. We’d never have seen or heard the evidence of voter fraud. They realize that Rush Limbaugh is gone so they’re not letting a crisis go to waste.

News of the Biden Administration would just get sugarcoated, and we’d never hear anything negative. They reported negative news 90% of the time on Trump. When there was good news, which was quite often, they’d bury it or maybe mention it for two seconds on air: “There was a peace agreement in the Middle East today. Now back to you Rachel.” All the alphabet channels did the same thing, that’s why we had to rely on FOX or Newsmax. Just by holding this meeting, it proves that they can’t handle the truth! And they don’t want it to get out.

I think they’ve overplayed their hand this time. It will backfire on them. It makes them look guilty. Stay tuned. We miss you Rush. Godspeed Tiger.


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