Who’s Running Slow Joe’s Show?

Three ring circus.

Who’s writing his script that he reads from the teleprompter? Who’s composing the executive orders he signs? Who’s choosing his picks for cabinet members and heads of departments? Why won’t he take questions? Why hasn’t he gone into the press room? When will he hold the State of the Union Address where Nancy tears up the copy? These are rhetorical questions.

Yesterday after signing another bill, he rises from his desk and hears a question shouted at him. He stops to answer it. “What?” They ask it again. They ask if he read some report. His answer is, “Yes, I have.” Then while he starts to shuffle away they ask, “What did you think of it?” He smiles and walks out of the room.

He’s not all there. He hasn’t read shit. He doesn’t know what’s in his stimulus bill that is bailing out liberal states that were hurting before covid hit our shores. He’s not good with numbers. He’s rewarding his donors bigly. Some radical members of his team are writing these bills and do not care about the price. Millions for an underground train in silicon valley? Do they have any idea the value of property around there and how many years of opposition to that plan would get? This is prime beautiful coastal area of San Francisco and Eminent Domain will take years to get approved especially with all the environmentalists. So this is just throwing money at the wind.

Three dozen moderate Democrats in the House are worried that Slow Joe will take his orders from the radical part of the party and start a war with nukes. They want to remove the nuclear codes from him. Can you even imagine him even putting in codes to his strong box? Ain’t gonna happen. The guy will soon not be able to sign any more bills as his hand won’t be connected to his brain.

We on the right knew what we were getting with Slow Joe but it seems the less involved people we know are surprised by Joe’s behavior. Really? Didn’t you see him hanging in his basement for a year with a mask on with geese honking in the background or his public appearances with crop circles in front of him? What finally gave it away?

I’m shocked by the naiveté of the general public. The only thing I wonder is who’s really running the show? Obama is my first choice but there are others. AOC, Warren, Bernie, Rice, Nancy, Jarred, or Brennan? All of these characters are too radical to be running the country. Obviously it is a mistake that Slow Joe is in the driving seat of our country; but a mistake that was allowed by corrupt or bribed election officers and then the SCOTUS and lower courts. We are stuck with it for now.

The bills the left have coming down the pike will change America for decades if passed. Changes to our election laws for the worse is not what we need. We need national election laws that make it harder to cheat not easier. What the left is proposing is exactly what they got away with in 2020 and figure if it worked then, why not make it permanent law: mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, no ID, no proof of residency, 15 days of early voting.

They are claiming that if we oppose this bill, we are racist. So let’s break that down. People of color need 15 extra days to vote? Why is that? Aren’t they equal to the rest of us? People of color have no ID? Why is that? Don’t they live here? People of color need mail-in ballots? Why is that? Aren’t they mobile? This is a bunch of malarkey. The only race component to their “cheating bill” is that they want illegals coming over the border today to vote. Only citizens of United States of the proper age limit are allowed to vote for our policies and leaders. They were allowing 16 year olds with false IDs to vote in the last election.

So who’s running Slow Joe’s three ring circus? That remains to be seen. But they are radical leftists. There’s no transparency, no unity, no clarity, no coherency, and no honesty. Complete opposite of what he ran on, but we didn’t believe him. Remember he claims he got arrested in the Capitol when he was 19 for breaking in. Complete lie, as he wanted to sound like a rebel. Then years later the same cop remembers him when he was elected into the Senate? Complete and utter lie. The guy cannot tell the truth for the life of him.

Godspeed Tiger. Since Tiger had surgery on both legs, he will not be able to walk with crutches as there isn’t one leg to put the weight onto. He will be in a wheelchair for three months as you cannot put weight on bones that have been surgically repaired with pins and screws. There’s no walking cast as you cannot cover the surgical wounds. This will be hard on Tiger as he is such a physical guy.

I once broke my femur in a head on crash with no seatbelt, remained in the hospital for two weeks on morphine after surgery, and was sent home with crutches. But was unable to place an ounce of weight on the repaired bone or bend my knee for three months, then a cane, then a year later had the rod removed from my femur, then back on crutches again. All in all quite an ordeal in my 22 year old life. Very hard to go to work, although I did cheat and drove my VW Beetle without my doctor’s approval. But it does remind me how medical costs have risen. My bill was only $5,000 for surgery and a two-week stay in the hospital. Amazing. But back then the standard hourly wage was $3 to 4 bucks an hour and my rent was $205/month. Today, I get $8,000 charged to Medicare for a sprained wrist, pain pill prescription, and one hour in the ER. Trip down Memory Lane.

Can’t wait for Trump’s CPAC speech. RIP Rush. We miss you and President Trump.


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