30-Question Pop Quiz for Progressives, Liberals, or Independents.

Or whatever you call yourselves.
  1. Do you think biological males and females should compete against each other in the same sports?
  2. Do you think immigrants that come over our borders illegally should get government benefits?
  3. Do you think it is right that certain groups or people are banned from Twitter?
  4. Do you think it is healthy for children to be kept out of school for a year?
  5. Do you think it is moral to abort a baby in the last trimester?
  6. Do you think voters shouldn’t have to show an ID when voting?
  7. Do you think mail-in ballots are safe from voter fraud?
  8. Do you trust the election computers that were used in the 2020 election?
  9. Do you believe Biden got 81 million lawful votes?
  10. Do you think it was right to stop construction of the southern border wall?
  11. Do you think it was okay to stop the Keystone Pipeline and layoff 11,000 construction workers?
  12. Do you think coalmines should be shutdown and closed permanently?
  13. Are you happy to have gasoline prices to go up now that we are back in the Paris Climate agreement?
  14. Are you happy to have your payroll taxes increased?
  15. Do you think noncitizens should be able to vote in our elections?
  16. Are you okay with schools being shutdown until all teachers get the vaccine?
  17. Are you okay with children having to wear masks to school?
  18. Are you okay with small businesses telling their employees to work remotely?
  19. Are you okay with the Durham Report being shutdown?
  20. Are you okay with Hunter laptop investigation being shutdown?
  21. Do you really think Trump incited an insurrection at the Capitol Building with a speech?
  22. Do you think Antifa and BLM are peaceful organizations or a myth?
  23. Do you think Governor Cuomo is innocent of placing infected patients in nursing homes?
  24. Do you think President Biden is a compassionate, caring, decent, honest man?
  25. Do you think the main stream media and New York Times have been reporting the truth the last four years?
  26. Do you think President Trump mishandled the pandemic?
  27. Do you believe Trump supporters are systemically white supremacists?
  28. Do you think the police are systemically racist?
  29. Do you agree with toppling historical statues and removing names of our forefathers from schools?
  30. Do you condone the burning of the American Flag and kneeling at football games?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above you are a far left radical liberal and are getting exactly what you voted for with Biden. If you answered ‘no’ to seven or more you are a Progressive. If you answered ‘no’ to twelve or more you are an Independent and are probably surprised with some of Biden’s actions. If you answered ‘no’ to all of them you are a full-fledged conservative. Congratulations you’re not a Democrat! You may vote Republican. You scored 100% on the test.

I know people who would answer ‘yes’ to all of the above which tells me we are so divided in this country and yet we are living among those that think the complete opposite of us. I blame the biased media and social media for suppressing the news or lying to half of America.


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