Trump’s Doctrine: America 1st; Biden’s: Scorched-Earth.

Scorched Earth | geographical imaginations
Biden’s Scorched-Earth, Figuratively.

The man currently in the White House is trying to leave his mark on this Earth because he knows he’s not long for this planet. His spending bill, passed in the dead of night like Obamacare, is a $1.9 Trillion goody bag for the left. He rewards his donors and punishes his opponents in one bill. It was supposed to be a stimulus package or covid relief bill but only 9% to goes to those ventures.

How will he leave his mark? He wants millions for a bridge and tunnel to nowhere built. I guess that’s his version of “build back better.” He wants billions to go to the arts, museums, theaters, pet projects of the left, special interests, mismanaged states, white privilege studies, transgender equality, gender neutrality, and Black reparations. He wants men in women’s sports, schools bailed out, aid and in-class education to illegals, Capitol security fences and guards, and a hiked minimum wage. And yet our schools are still closed to citizens, there’s a mask mandate, and we are living in a police state. All these issues will set America back for decades; but Biden will have left his mark, not in a good way.

Why does he want to scorch the Earth while he leaves? He feels he’s gotten a raw deal. He lost his first wife and daughter in a car crash, lost a son from brain cancer, his other son is a mess, and lost two elections for president when he was young enough to do the job. Now he knows he’s slipping, won’t be able to fulfill his first term, and he’s pissed. Thus the Scorched Earth. Conservatives will rue the day this bill got passed and be cursing Biden for years. At least he’ll be remembered. Not in a good way.

Everyone knows Biden’s mind is slipping. He has already passed the torch of talking to foreign leaders onto Kammie and Kerry. The Democrats are trying to remove his access to the nuclear codes. This is a red flag. They know he’s not up to the job so someone else is pulling the strings and pressing the buttons. We knew this would happen, yet they forced him on us. He’s just Being There like the movie.

I heard the FBI is seeking the identity of ever person who attended Trump’s last rally in D.C., storming their homes, and arresting them. For what? For being a patriot and believing the election was stolen? These are the “thought police.” Glad I didn’t attend. Yet not one person in Antifa and BLM that burned cities, cars, stores, and police stations last year have been sought and arrested. Those were “peaceful” demonstrations according to CNN. We are becoming a police state punishing people for their thoughts curtesy of Biden who had the gall to say he’d be the president for all the people not just Democrats. Once a liar, always a liar.

Everything the Democrats usually are against, they are doing. Caging minors at the border, remaining in foreign wars, building walls for security, jailing without due process, ignoring sexual harassment charges, killing unarmed persons, and suppressing free speech. The ACLU, Code Pink, NOW, and #metoo remain quiet because they got their man in the White House. Everything is okay when Democrats do it.

Salesforce COO said this week that their goal is to make every conservative unable to feed their children because of January 6th. How dumb are they? Amazon won’t allow a documentary on Justice Clarence Thomas during Black History Month to be seen. The real racists. These are sick people.

If we have to live in Biden’s scorched Earth as a conservative, it will be hard. But when will the GOP have had enough, put their foot down, and try to put an end to this madness? Where’s our Supreme Court? Where’s our voices of reason? Where’s our Bill of Rights? Right now we seem to be going along just to get along. It makes me ill. We have become a nation of cowards kowtowing to snowflakes that push political correctness, cancel culture, speech suppression, feigned virtue signaling, and green new steals.

Wake up America before there’s no America left to wake up to. Right now it’s looking more like Communist China with the masks, fences, speech suppression, and militant raids on innocent people. We’ll all be victims like Roger Stone if we allow this to continue.


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