Trump Brought Down the House at CPAC.

His speech at CPAC was one for the ages. He hit on most all of the issues we, as Americans, are concerned about. His recommendations for election reform and integrity could have been taken from one my previous blogs verbatim. It’s amazing how he thinks. He has the common sense that most politicians don’t have. His comment that women sports is about over hit home with me as well. Where are the feminists? When he said some thought this topic would be controversial he says, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” Line of the night.

He called out his Judas Republicans by name but left out Pence, Haley, and McConnell altogether. He slammed the Supreme Court as he should have. Said they should be ashamed of themselves. I didn’t think he had the courage to do that, but he is Trump after all. He slammed Biden’s immigration policies which incentivize migrants to cross illegally and then we school their children. Literally school them while ours are sitting home. He went on to say that Biden has had the worst first month in office in modern day history. In one short month, he’s anti-women, anti-family, anti-jobs, anti-borders, anti-energy, and anti-science.

Biden triggered a massive flood of illegals coming to our border the likes of which we’ve never seen before because of what Biden has said. Trump honored Rush Limbaugh saying that he is looking down on us smiling and he complimented Rush’s wife in the audience. He reminded us that the vaccines came out last year not after Biden came into office which he tried to claim.

Trump suggested that based on Biden’s policies right now, they’ll suffer withering losses in 2022 and lose the White House decisively four years from now like they did last time but it’s one of those things. He suggested Biden has already failed as president by not enforcing the laws of our country at the border. He demanded that Biden get the schools open and get them open NOW. Second line of the night. Biden sold out America’s children to the teachers’ unions. He said children will be scarred. He called out the fake biased news over and over especially Chris Wallace.

Trump says the 1.9 trillion boondoggle stimulus bill will just go to reward Nancy’s donors and bail out mismanaged states like California and New York. It’s true. Only 9% goes to covid relief.

He called the Republican Party the Party of Love of country. He said the last election was rigged and the audience roared in agreement. The other party is socialism which is essentially communism. He hinted at another run several times. Ron DeSantis is a good contender as well as the female governor of South Dakota. So we have lots of options to choose from. Trump might just be the cheerleader next time. Who knows? But the last thing I’d want is for him to get another election stolen from him with illegal election laws, mail in ballots, and Dominion voting machines.

All in all, his speech showed us what a real president looks, talks, and behaves like and what we are missing. It was refreshing. He looked healthy and happy considering what he has been through.


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