When is Sexual Harassment to be Believed?

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

Sexual harassment in the workplace, which is what Governor Cuomo is accused of, is against the law. Sure, in every work situation there’s a little flirting by older men with younger women. It’s only natural and to be expected but not sexual harassment. When does playful banter cross the line and become sexual harassment?

Some red flags that you are being sexually harassed are:

  1. When your boss or supervisor suspiciously tries more than once to get alone with you.
  2. When he starts asking personal or lewd questions about your sex life.
  3. When he asks you to lunch or coffee more than once by yourself.
  4. When he seems overly interested in you compared to others working under him. Hmm.
  5. When he invites you to go to a seminar alone with him. Red flag.
  6. When he uses your refusal to respond to his advances to punish you in the workplace.
  7. The second he touches you anywhere on your body, thigh, waist…anywhere. Ick!
  8. When he shows up at your front door uninvited at night. Not cool.
  9. When he cuts your hours in half for refusing his advances. Major lawsuit.
  10. When he asks you out on a date. Job stopper.

All of the above are signs of sexual harassment on the job which I once experienced but never filed a complaint as it was not a thing back then. Probably not even a law yet. I finally did report one supervisor to the department head but didn’t call it sexual harassment, just being singled out for some strange reason unlike how he treated the guys under him. His boss got the message, and he never bothered me again. And I soon transferred to another department to avoid him altogether.

No one wants to put their boss or supervisor in legal hot water. Some are actually nice guys but feeling their oats in the workplace. But some married, or in Cuomo’s case single, men in power use it to get something going on the side in the workplace. But someone Cuomo’s age should not be asking out girls 30 or 40 years younger than him to begin with regardless of where they work. And he shouldn’t be trying to date someone who works for him. Period. He has let his ego get out of control. And I’m wondering how many girls complied with his advances that we have not heard from yet. Cuomo’s casting couch?

Matt Lauer took sexual harassment to the next level whereby women under him were literally under his desk just as Bill Clinton did. Using your power in a company and taking advantage of girls striving to get ahead is definitely sexual harassment, but the girls should have not been complicit. Once you are complicit, you’ve lost all credibility. Some women use their sexuality to get ahead in their job. Not my kind of woman.

The girls coming out against Cuomo after all this time seem a little contrived. Did they report him at the time when they worked there? Did they tell their coworkers? Personally, all the questions he asked them (if they are true) would have been repulsive to me and should have been reported at the time. If not, not sure if these women have a leg to stand on especially after the metoo movement. And why didn’t they come out then? How can a man plant a kiss on you without you pushing him away? Are they armless women? That always floors me. Unless they wanted it.

Interesting to me is the fact that Joe Biden got accused of exact same thing, if not rape, but that complaint fell on deaf ears. Why is that? Because Joe was running for president. The left can’t pick and choose when sexual harassment is credible. The left was all over Balsey Ford’s complaint against Judge Kavanaugh but dismissed the complaint against Biden. All complaints should be treated equally especially if there is evidence or witnesses. Complaints against conservatives are always taken more seriously; but against a liberal, usually get swept under the carpet.

When something seems a little too hard to believe there must be a reason. Why would the left be coming for Cuomo right now? Why didn’t they have a go at him during the nursery home scandal. But instead they gave him an Emmy and bought his book. Something smells funny. The timing is too suspicious to me. I suspect there is something bigger going on, like taking out Kamala’s competition early on before 2024. This is what may be happening. The left wants their first woman president and Kammie has been suspiciously out of the limelight lately. Where the hell is she? Where’s Hunter?

The left is always conspiring something. They never stop conspiring. They want to stay in power and will do almost anything, as we have witnessed, to stay in power. They are always running for the next election. I suspect they are keeping Kammie in the basement like they did to Biden. It worked for Biden. The less they hear from her, the less gaffes she will make before the next election. And she is a master of gaffes just as Biden is.

So when is sexual harassment to be believed? In regular jobs, whenever you have had a red flag mentioned above. But in politics, whenever a conservative is accused or whenever a liberal candidate for president (that they don’t want) is accused. That’s when sexual harassment is to be believed. Take out the competition early on. Look how they treated Bloomberg during the debates, accusing him of sexual harassment right out the gate. Look out Newsom. They’re coming for you next.


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