Are We Fed Up Yet?!

Asks the Sea Ranch Harbor Seal Pup who’s tired of sharing the shoreline with discarded surgical masks.

And, if so, what can we do about it? Absolutely nothing. We are outnumbered in the House and Senate due to a couple of RINOs and the Supreme Court was intimidated by threats of being packed so they lost their mettle. They will rule against us every time now in order to save their jobs. So cowardly and self serving. They make me sick except for Thomas and Alito.

Our country is basically being run by the Cancel Culture crowd as they contributed to Joe’s campaign. Whatever they want, Joe gives them. We’re also tired of everything being labeled “racist” from Dr. Seuss books to The Royal Family. We’re over it already. We don’t need Oprah to imply that we’re racist. Harry got sucked up into the Hollywood culture and will live to regret it. He abandoned his brother and father.

Slow Joe is a super spreader of covid as he has allowed 260,000 illegals to come into our country and doesn’t care whether or not they have covid. This makes him a hypocrite for the way he has been treating the rest of us and for running on wiping out covid. He’s doing the opposite. Masks are irrelevant at this point.

Why are prisoners allowed to get the vaccine before law-abiding younger citizens? Some of what this administration does just does not make sense. Prisoners should not be getting in front of the line before the rest of us. They broke laws. I’d like my children, who are stuck at home still, to be vaccinated.

But my question is “why do the older, more moderate, Democrats go along with the younger AOC types?” They should have the sense to not want to ruin their country by flooding our borders with illegals. What’s in it for them (aside from more voters) to ruin their cities and states that their grandchildren will inherit? That is my burning question. What’s in it for them?

Maybe they figure that they are so rich that none of the hairbrained policies will affect their offspring as they will be sheltered from it all by security gates and walls. Possibly while they are young but eventually they will have to get out of the bubble and go to a free college with lots of less fortunate youth. They will have to work and mingle with the rest of these radicals. Do they really want their offspring to live among these radicals who do not value life? I would think not. So they have tunnel vision. They can only see what’s in front of them right now, but not in the future.

These are the clowns we elect to represent us. This is sad. I hope the whole lot of them get voted out, but I don’t trust elections any longer. Let’s face it, most conservatives are depressed at what is going on but we can’t do diddly about it. The fake news and social medias are suppressing our outrage. We don’t know where we are headed or when this nightmare will end. Even some liberals are voicing their opposition to what’s going on but will surely be banned from social media. But some radicals picketed Trump Tower yesterday with signs reading Arrest Trump. When asked what Trump did, they couldn’t answer the question. These radicals are useful idiots.

Joe’s police dog bit a security guard. Well…police dogs will do that. I think he chose that breed of dog because he is insecure and it makes him appear tougher. Joe’s not tough. He’s a puppet. Joe can’t even choose a dog without blowing it. Those are not the breed of dog to be running around the White House unless they are well-trained. Joe can’t train himself let alone a dog. Are we fed up with Joe, his dogs, and his handlers yet? Yes we are.


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