Joe’s Out to Lunch, Don’t Bother us!

Who Rang That Bell - YouTube
Psaki shooing off the press core.

And he’s taking his administration with him. No one knows where he is. I heard he left the White House and is back in Delaware. Maybe he needs to be in familiar surroundings to help his condition or to keep his caretakers under wraps. Something funny is going on.

First they cordon off the Capitol with a military occupation, then he leaves the area. Pippi Longstocking is keeping us away from this president and avoiding all questions. How can she stand there, skirt around issues, and keep a straight face? Why won’t he hold a press conference himself? Why won’t he come into the pressroom and take questions? Why won’t be give America The State of the Union Address? Why can’t he answer a question without it being scripted or screened beforehand? These are rhetorical questions.

We are not shocked by his behavior, but it seems some in the press are. We knew what we were getting when they all conspired to pull the wool over our eyes with election fraud. But to sound shocked at how he is acting or performing seems a little feigned. We had our chance to do what was right after the “votes” were in; but the courts, supreme court, governors, some senators, and the media wouldn’t have it. Can’t complain now. It’s over.

The question shouldn’t be who’s running the White House; as no matter who it is, they are radical. He chose all radicals to fill important positions. They’ve got Joe’s back; Joe’s got theirs. Joe’s got the FBI in his pocket already with Chris Wray saying white supremacy is our biggest threat right now. They’re not worried about Antifa or BLM’s violence which is still going on. They are a myth or peaceful demonstrations “at night.” Night versus day seems to be the difference between an insurrection or a peaceful demonstration. They are equally not concerned about the increase of cops being ambushed and murdered.

We could complain about the covid pork bill that just got passed to pay off all Joe’s donors and bail out all his mismanaged states, but we knew ahead of time as this is in the Democrat playbook. This is what Obama did once taking office, rewarded all his donors then went on an apology tour. At least with Trump, he never owed a dime to a donor as he didn’t have donors to pay off. Now Slow Joe can’t really go on any tours since he can’t be seen in public, but he’ll do as much damage to this country while he’s still standing. That seems to be his goal: to get his name in the history books–not in a good way though.

We could complain about the crisis at the border, but we knew ahead time this was going to happen. He ran on it. He said he would give amnesty to illegals and dreamers and gave invaders 100 days to get to our border, some wearing Biden campaign tee shirts. He said he’d stop construction of the border wall and he did. Kammie said she’s put ICE out of business. We can’t be shocked by all this. What we can be is: mad at our election process, court system, and elected officials. Until we put in permanent changes to our election process, this will continue. I will not vote in the next presidential election if mail in ballots are permitted. Period.

We could complain that Pippi isn’t giving Trump credit for the vaccines coming out in warp speed, but we knew ahead of time this was going to happen. The Dems never give credit where credit is due and often steal credit whenever possible. We all know now that the death tolls were jacked up by certain governors by putting infected patients into rest homes. So that can’t be the reason Trump doesn’t get credit for warp speed as that scandal is on them and them alone. Investigation is ongoing, but I don’t expect our FBI to do diddlysquat.

Now ol’ Nance wants to give credit for opening up small businesses and schools to Slow Joe. Joe kept the schools and businesses closed as long as he could as he sold out to the school unions and large corporations; so now if they miraculously open, he gets credit? I…don’t…think…so. States with Neanderthal governors should get credit for that as its been tried already and is working. They see that the public is noticing this and want to swoop in and take credit again. Too late Nancy. Slow Joe had his chance, but he’s late to the party; in fact, he’s out to lunch so don’t bother him.

Their next outrage will be when Slow Joe allows the supreme court to be packed. Wait for it. Don’t be shocked. There’s a reason he would never answer that question. He played fast and coy with that question just like he did with fracking, so don’t be surprised when he allows it to happen. And the supreme court shouldn’t be surprised either. It will actually be their comeuppance for hanging Trump out to blow in the wind. What goes around so to speak.

The only credit that should go to Slow Joe is masks. Joe is the poster boy for masks. He can go down in history as being the last man standing that was for national mask wearing.


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