Prefer “Neanderthal Thinking” Over Senile Thinking.

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I can’t believe Slow Joe wants to compare his thinking to conservative thinkers. We’ll win everyday. Neanderthals would even win. They had survival skills and would probably have had the sense to know that wearing a mask indefinitely, especially after vaccines, is a foolish endeavor designed by the government to perpetuate the fear of covid. I’m proud to have 2% Neanderthal in my DNA as it means my ancestors were the OG of Earth. That’s a good thing. I can start a campfire, built a shelter, and fish without any formal training. It’s in my DNA.

Our Commander in Thief has called us many names over the years from dregs of society, racists, white supremacists, and now Neanderthal. For a guy who ran on unity he sure knows how to spread the love. He’s nothing more than a grown up frat boy like Andrew Cuomo. Both of them have let power go to their heads and think they are God’s gift. For Slow Joe to even mention the word “thinking” shows his arrogance and senility.

Personally I can’t believe the dialog that Cuomo’s personal assistant listened to. Asking if she was fearful of men touching her since being raped? Are you kidding me? Asking if she dates older men? I would have stormed out of the room and told him to take this job and shove it. I thought women’s lib put an end to this nonsense in the workplace years ago. Didn’t Cuomo watch Dolly Parton’s Nine to Five? No girl should have to put up with that kind of salacious dialog from a boss in this day and age. Law and Order Criminal Intent is calling, they want their perp back. Again I ask, “why does Hollywood continually fall for and put on a pedestal such phony scumbags?” Cuomo, Fauci, and Slow Joe, three knuckleheads that need to get a room and check their egos at the front desk.

Now I’m reading that the nursing home fiasco was a deliberate intent to jack up the covid death toll to hurt Trump’s reelection in many states. If the death toll rose, mail in ballots would be in order. Other Democrat governors did the same thing as Cuomo; but now they don’t want to be caught, so cue the sexual harassment charges to smokescreen the covid death scandal. Wow! These Democrat governors are more devious and evil than I gave them credit for. Mass murders of the expendable seniors to jack up the death toll. Shades of the Holocaust. Kudos, Dems, you were able to commit murder in order to steal an election. Bravo! How do they sleep at night, I wonder? Do they sleep?

Again, karma hasn’t completely kicked in yet, maybe for Cuomo, but we need it soon before Slow Joe does anymore damage with his “sharp” thinking. Our border is a mess, spending is out of control, foreign affairs and trade have gone to hell, women’s sports is in peril, military occupation in D.C., and our schools are still closed! Worst first month in presidential history. Way to go Slow Joe. Maybe he should try some of that Neanderthal think.


One thought on “Prefer “Neanderthal Thinking” Over Senile Thinking.

  1. Very good!! Right in line with my thoughts. When I had my DNA done, I was disappointed that I had no Neanderthal ancestors. I thought that would be totally cool. My family came from that part of Europe, I guess they were raciest.


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