High-Profile Deaths, Mysteries, or Conspiracies That Still Haunt us Today.

The Kooky Symbolism on the Beatles' 'Abbey Road' Album Cover - Biography

Since the 1960s, the government, the wealthy, celebrities, and politicians have been seemingly getting away with crimes. It is at a tipping point right now, which leads me to believe that it is becoming more the norm. Why do we even have investigators, judges, supreme courts, FBI, CIA, or law enforcement if they can’t do their jobs ethically, morally, lawfully, or honestly? We never seem to be able to solve a crime, murder, or mystery that involves the well-connected folks. There is always the inevitable coverup to save embarrassment, disgrace, financial ruin, or legal implications of others.

Coverups are becoming mainstream. Here are some of the alleged coverups or unsolved mysteries that still haunt us to this day, in no particular order:

  1. Assassination of John F. Kennedy
  2. Double Murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman
  3. Death of Jeffery Epstein
  4. Murder of Seth Rich
  5. Death of Marilyn Monroe
  6. Death of Supreme Court Justice Scalia
  7. Benghazi stand down orders
  8. Death of Officer Brian Sicknick
  9. Origin and release of Covid pandemic
  10. National Guard stand down orders at Capitol Building
  11. Death of Vince Foster
  12. Michael Jackson’s crimes
  13. Helicopter death of 15 Navy Seals that took out Bin Laden
  14. Plane crash of Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown
  15. Russia Collusion Hoax
  16. Jon Benet Ramsey murder
  17. Ukraine’s Burisma investigation
  18. Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax
  19. John Roberts’ child adoptions
  20. Princess Di’s death
  21. Disappearance of Australian baby Azaria by an alleged dingo.
  22. Disappearance of Madelaine McCann
  23. Barack Obama’s birthplace
  24. Hunter and Joe Biden’s involvement with China
  25. Assault of Juanita Broadrick
  26. Testimony of Christine Balsey Ford
  27. Sexual assault of Tara Reade
  28. 2020 Stolen Presidential Election

Why do these mysteries or cases remain unsolved, suddenly dropped, or conveniently dismissed? This baffles me because if we were involved in anything slightly on this level, we’d be investigated six ways from Sunday (whatever that means) and put behind bars, most likely. But celebrities, the wealthy, politicians, and well-connected seem to live by a different set of rules. I know the Clintons and Bidens do.

This is what makes us so enthralled and captivated by conspiracies. This is what makes us write murder mystery novels, spy movies, and screen plays. But some mysteries will never be solved, or at least revealed to the rest of us, and that really irks us. I still believe Paul McCartney died in a car crash and was replaced with the winner of the Paul McCartney look-a-like contest. But what do I know? It sounded believable to me in l970 as I played my Abbey Road album backwards as instructed. (Only a Beatle fan around that time would know what I mean by this.) “Paul is dead,” it played. What ever happened to Jane Asher, his girlfriend at the time? Who would leave Jane Asher? Only an imposter, but I digress.

We’ve always heard the old adage “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” but these mysteries had tons of smoke without the fire, more like a fire extinguisher which leaves us haunted to this day. Whoo-hoo-hoo-hoo.


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