Joe’s Morose, Dour, Vainglorious Speech.

Left us clutching our pillows in despair.
Or praying at the beach.

I’ve never heard such a depressing, yet self-serving, speech about coming out of a pandemic in my life. It was the best of times and the worst of times all in one speech. Dour threats of more restrictions, mask wearing, and school closures, yet we can gather in our yard for 4th of July! Big whoop! Biden can’t have it both ways. He is the reason schools have been closed, yet he says the children have been harmed. Harmed by him and the Democrat governors. That’s on them, and they can’t back away from it. Trump asked that schools reopen while he was president.

Joe gave a twenty minute speech congratulating and praising himself on the “fast production of vaccines.” Let’s get one thing clear: without Trump there would be no vaccines and they had been produced and dispersed prior to Joe. Joe is a self-serving dunce. All three of the vaccines were researched and in trial long before Biden came around. Biden got handed an economy coming back after the pandemic and all the vaccines. He is nothing more than a leach trying to suck out all the work that Trump did and claim it as his own. It is not.

Biden had the nerve to say that Trump ignored the virus when it hit our shores for days, weeks, and months. Total bald face lie. At the time, Biden actually called Trump xenophobic for banning flights from China and Nancy and Cuomo were ignoring the virus telling folks to go to the parks and plays and Chinatown. Remember, whatever they accuse Trump of, they are doing or did. It was Fauci that recommended shutting down the country for two weeks which led to a year. Trump wanted it to reopen after two weeks, but by then the governors had taken over the handling of the pandemic. Notice how Fauci has been rewarded in the Biden Administration? Planned much?

There was no mention of the two trillion dollar pork bill which rewards black programs (reparations) and ignores white people in the same situation. This is dividing the country even more and probably more cause for division. In fact, Biden called it a “relief bill.” Not a “covid” relief bill as he knows everything has already been accomplished for covid prior to him coming around. So they reward all their pet projects and donors in the name of covid. It is deplorable. There was no mention of the crisis at our border which is 100% caused by Biden since coming into office. There was no mention of China being the cause of the virus as Biden is in bed with China. That story needs to be looked into. There was no optimism in the speech which leads me to believe he wants the covid boogeyman to remain indefinitely.

The life Biden described about us for the last year is not the life I have been living. I’ve been around my children and grandchildren. We’ve hugged and kissed. We’ve had barbecues and indoor parties. We’ve gone to restaurants and even to a resort hotel with our grandchild swimming in the hotel pool. The life he described was of those who fell for all of Fauci and the CDC’s nonsense.

We’ve used common sense to realize that most of what they told us was bunk. And it has been nonsense from the get go. The masks are only 2% effective. The therapeutic meds like HCQ, that would have helped patients early on, were rejected by Democrat governors, causing more deaths. The death tolls were escalated by governors throwing infected seniors into rest homes to infect more. This was an orchestrated plan to jack up the death count to ruin Trump’s chances in the election. The whole thing has been politicized.

If only the Democrats had listened to Trump, thousands of lives would have been saved by therapeutics, hospital ships and tents. Tens of thousands. But defiant governors refused Trump’s advice. They even mocked Trump for saying a vaccine would be out before the election; which it would have, but Pfizer nefariously held it back to effect the election.

If our country had just treated this virus like any other virus and told folks to be vigilant, wash their hands after contact in public places, and stay away from sick people, we’d be in much better shape. When I first heard of the virus in China, I warned my children not to ride public transportation, go to theaters, or touch money or gas pumps without washing afterwards. Ignorant people went on cruises and flights to Europe at their own risk. Our economy got devastated and children irreparably harmed from needless shutdowns which has caused worse problems with suicide, drug and alcohol addictions.

All in all, Joe’s speech was just to show his face to prove that he isn’t in a mental crisis. But his speech was repetitive saying vaccines and masks too many times to count. And who says hyperbole more than once in a speech? Only someone trying to prove he can pronounce or remember the word. We learned nothing new from this speech as it lacked facts. He relayed that same lie about his father walking up the stairs to say he lost his job. Well… turns out, he owned a Chevy dealership and his kids were quite well off, Joey bragging about driving a new car each year. Spoiled rich kids they were. And a frat boy in college drinking and cruising for girls. That poor-stuttering-Irish-boy-from-the wrong-side-of-the-tracks story he’s been feeding us may have fooled the liberals, but I ain’t buying it. Poor kids don’t make it to the Senate in their twenties without money, a war injury, or brains. He must have had money.

He played us back then and is playing us now. Don’t be fooled by Joe. He’s lyin,’ connivin’ Biden.


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