Life Under Trump Before Covid, Floyd, and Antifa.

Life was good. People were social and happier.

All was good. Economy was booming, people were commuting to their jobs, gasoline prices were low, wages were rising, unemployment the lowest in 50 years, restaurants were thriving, children were in school, streets were peaceful, ISIS was decimated, peace deals were made in the Middle East, energy independence, veterans were treated respectfully again, police were valued, military was strengthened, respect for the flag and National Anthem had resumed, the border wall was being built, border invasions were down, trade deals with other countries were successful, stock market stable, and threats from North Korea were eliminated. In short, Trump was running the country like a well-oiled machine that even impressed the establishment Republicans. Life was good. But those were the good ol’ days compared to the present times.

Then out of the blue came a bioweapon from China that brought our country to its knees. But Trump remained steadfast and optimistic that he’d be able to combat it, which irked the left. Not dark and dour like Biden has been. So then came the unfortunate death of George Floyd which was totally out of Trump’s control and the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests and Antifa riots which were also totally out of Trump’s control, and the final nail in the coffin mail in ballots. Something had to be done to ruin the success of Trump. So they used the virus to shutdown the economy together with a routine arrest of a drug dealer and the ensuing paid rioters to begin the assault on the Trump Administration prior to the election.

Fauci was in on it. He gave so many misleading recommendations that we all had whiplash and still do. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, have sex with strangers but wear a mask, go on cruise ships, don’t go on cruise ships, wash your packages, don’t wash your packages. Fauci either doesn’t know shit or was trying to hurt the economy. He definitely didn’t endorse Hydroxychloroquine as he couldn’t make any money on that endorsement and possibly has blood on his hands.

Trump tried to give him the respect he and the media demanded, much to his demise. He should have taken Fauci off the case the minute he started going on the talk shows making derogatory comments about Trump. I knew then, he was a plant. Trump was too trusting. Then we had Chris Wray, also a plant. He sided with Antifa and BLM even to the point of believing two fake hate crimes: first Smollett’s and then the Bubba Wallace fake noose. This was all part of their plan to make it seem like Trump and his supporters are racist. Even episodes of Law and Order SVU were implying Trump and his supporters were racist. This was well coordinated from Hollywood across the fruited plains to Washington D.C.

Then they sicced the lech Cuomo onto Trump with his daily press conferences disputing everything that came out of Trump’s Covid-19 pressers. It was like the dueling pressers. Cuomo earned an Emmy; Trump caught covid and survived which would normally be an impressive feat with his age and weight, but not for our media. They doubted his illness and mocked his enthusiasm. Trump was the poster boy for Covid 19 survivors but did not get the press coverage. Instead he was labeled a super spreader.

Cuomo became the darling of the left just like Avenatti and Balsey Ford once were; but like all leftist darlings, they eventually have their fall from grace. All this coupled with two fake investigations of Trump, both fabricated by the left: a Russia Collusion story invented by Hillary and passed to the FBI then a phone call controversy by a fake whistleblower along with his fake lieutenant tattletale, it was a wonder Trump did as well as he did. He was able to run the country quite successfully while the insane left was nipping at his heels like a rabid Doberman pinscher the whole time.

Now we are in the depths of insanity. Everything we hear or see in the news is literally insane and not worth commenting on like the news does by feigning outrage. I’m over it. We can’t feign outrage as we knew what we were getting once the mail in ballots were allowed. Democrats cheat, lie, and steal. We shoulda known better. They told us what we were getting. What does irk me, however, is the way they are trying to eliminate Trump from the history books. They want no record of him being the success that he was. So they uninvite him from former presidents’ videos, want to keep him from being buried in Arlington Cemetery, and pretend that his followers are violent in order to warrant the fence around the Capitol. They’ve tried to pass a bill, [the “No Glory for Hate Act” which would prevent the interment “of any former President that has been twice impeached by the House of Representatives” in Arlington National Cemetery. It also seeks to mandate that no federal funds be used to create or display monuments, symbols, or statues that commemorate such presidents.] Snopes. This is all sick stuff. Trump’s impeachments lacked evidence which would be thrown out of a normal court. Insanity is the only word for it.

Just remember what it was like before covid, Floyd, and Antifa. It was quite nice. Wine tasting, room service, weddings, flights, dinner parties, school, and offices. AND NO MASKS! The good ol’ days. Never forget. President Trump will not be erased from the history books because he won’t be erased from our minds and our mouths. He will be remembered and missed despite all the left’s attempts to discredit, dishonor, and disgrace him. Shame on them. Karma will be a “bleep.”


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