Trump Credited for Chaos at Border but No Credit For Vaccines!

animal eyes | Shark photos, Great white shark, White sharks
Great White’s lifeless, black eyes like Biden’s.

They can’t have it both ways. Whatever Trump created, he gets no credit; whatever Biden ruined, Trump gets blamed. Let’s face it, the new administration is a lying sack of “bleep.” They wouldn’t know the truth if it was right in front of them.

Here’s the truth: Trump created Warp Speed which removed some of the red tape of bureaucracy in order for scientists to get the vaccines researched and produced in record time. It was an emergency effort. Period. Trump built the wall and had 27,000 Mexican soldiers guarding it along with Homeland Security, drones, and cameras. Biden ended the construction of the wall and all security measures which has created a crisis at the border. In fact, he is allowing illegals to prop up crude makeshift ladders along the new wall to climb over it. It is so discouraging after all Trump’s good work. Biden incentivized South Americans to come to our borders within 100 days time for freebies. Nancy is a chronic liar and needs help. She calls them “farmers” leaving their country due to “climate change.” If that isn’t a crock of “bleep,” I don’t know what is.

We are all sick of their lies and their double standards. Biden is a lifeless-eyed pessimist. Or as my son calls him Weekend at Bernie’s. The Democrats better be careful as even the non-followers are starting to notice the hypocrisy and lies, like renaming the children in cages to “humanitarian shelters.” I think most of those who voted for Biden are simply embarrassed but won’t admit it, like Saturday Night Live and every news anchor in main stream media. Thank God for Newsmax and some FOX anchors for reporting the truth. We miss Rush though.

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