What is Biden Hidin’?

Biden trying to remember something, anything.

Unanswered questions for the Biden Administration together with the main stream media and the Democrats which are one and the same:

  1. What is the identity of the capitol officer who shot dead unarmed, conservative Ashli Babbitt?
  2. Where is this cop and why is he in hiding?
  3. What is the identity of the hooded male youth or female who dropped the pipe bombs at the GOP and Dem Offices on January 5th?
  4. Why won’t the FBI release the coroner’s report on Trump supporter Officer Sicknick? Was he murdered by gunshot?
  5. Who ordered the National Guard to stand down on January 6th?
  6. Why won’t the FBI admit that Antifa and BLM hooligans infiltrated the January 6th breach of the capitol?
  7. Why did the Capitol Police take down barriers and open doors to allow many demonstrators inside the capitol prior to the violence? Who told them to do that?
  8. Why was there a 7-foot razor fence built around the capitol with the National Guard standing guard at the cost of taxpayers? And still there today?
  9. Why hasn’t there been an investigation yet into the Wuhan Lab that produced the deadly bat virus that was contagious to humans?
  10. What happened to the Chinese scientist who alerted us to the release of this deadly China virus?
  11. Why won’t the media and FBI acknowledge the existence of Antifa and BLM violence that has killed 25 people, destroyed $1 billion worth of property, and injured thousands of police?
  12. Why does this administration and the media compare the Jan. 6th breach to 9-11 destruction but ignores Antifa and BLM destruction that has occurred all last year and still continuing in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Denver, and L.A.?
  13. Why won’t the media release the coroner’s report of George Floyd’s real cause of death?
  14. Are Hunter and Joe Biden beholden to China after the deals they made on the side while Joe was VP?
  15. Is Joe being blackmailed by China?
  16. Why won’t the FBI seize and perform a forensic evaluation of the voting machines in six states that had mathematical and statistical impossible results?
  17. Why won’t the media release the race of a Black perp, yet is always quick to release the race of a White perp?
  18. Why are schools and the media being allowed to perpetuate the lie that America is systemically racist?
  19. Why won’t this administration explain what their real reason for allowing tens of thousands of “undocumented Democrats” over our border is?
  20. Why won’t this administration demand that all schools reopen to save our children?
  21. Why won’t Joe tell the public what medications he is on? We deserve to know what meds he is on when he has the codes to nuclear weapons. If he was Trump, the media would be hounding him for this information like they did while he was hospitalized with the China virus.

This administration is involved in so many conspiracies and “coverups of the conspiracies,” too many to count. They cannot be transparent nor answer questions honestly, yet they used to call Trump and his press secretaries chronic liars. Amazing. Biden won’t answer any questions off the cuff without a teleprompter. They can’t even be consistent with their opinions on whether to believe a sexually harassed woman or not.

The death of Officer Sicknick has been described as first an attack by a Trump supporter with a fire extinguisher to the head, then several weeks later, pepper spray inhalation, then an underlining condition, and now recently inhalation of bear spray in order to blame hunters that would most likely be Trump supporters. They are covering up something big time. I suspect he was shot by the same cop who is in hiding who shot Ashli Babbitt. There is video of him dangerously wielding a gun with his finger on the trigger and pointing in direction of fellow officers. Show the tape! Release the coroner’s report! He didn’t like Sicknick. Could have been committed in the fog of war or fog of breach but at least tell us instead of trying to hold a Trump supporter responsible.

I’d like to know just one of the answers above but fear they will never fess up. I fear Officer Sicknick will go by the wayside as Seth Rich and Jeffery Epstein did. What is Biden hidin’?


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