First Terror Attack on Biden’s Watch.

Photo by Mona Termos on

Boy, that didn’t take long. I guess the radical Islamists have noticed that Biden is soft on crime so they will start coming out of the woodwork now. Yesterday when innocent people were killed for no reason in a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, I immediately wondered why they hadn’t plastered the White killer’s face and name all over the airwaves like they did with the massage parlor shooter. Hmmm, I thought. Something fishy going on. The shooter is either Black or Mexican, and they are burying his identity.

So I went to Google and they buried it too. Amazing how this works. A White shooter is immediately labeled a racist hate crime guy, but this shooter remains a mystery. Remarkable! We’re getting sick of this double standard going on. Just call a spade a spade already. The guy has a Muslim name and looks Muslim and born in Syria. If it walks like a duck. This is a terror attack under Biden’s watch much like all the terror attacks under Obama’s watch. This administration really is Obama 2.0.

To listen to the presser by the police soft shoe mentioning the killer was hard to watch. They skirted around saying who he is and so are the news anchors. News anchors are now calling him a White guy. Really? This has shades of when Trayvon got shot by a “White” neighborhood watch guy who was half Hispanic. They always choose the “White” race first when there’s a crime committed. Liberal towns in liberal states are havens for terrorists hiding out. Don’t be surprised if this was just a precursor or signal of what is to come.

Next we’ll be hearing about gun control and work place violence. Maybe the shooter got turned down for a job there as a teen. They’ll find a link, anything to avoid saying “terror.” But ask yourself, “Why was this mentally ill Muslim who was on the FBI’s Watch List allowed to buy any sort of gun a week earlier? We don’t need new gun laws. We need to enforce the ones we already have in place. The FBI dropped the ball again or the gun shop. Colorado had Columbine and Aurora Theater shooting, didn’t they? Did they learn anything from those? What’s going on in Rocky Mountain High?

Remember, we can only achieve peace through strength, not weakness. We are MAWA now. Make America Weak Again.


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