What’s Happening in Rocky Mountain High?

Scenic Colorado.

John Denver must be spinning in his grave. Colorado is known for its majestic snow-covered mountains, pristine lakes, quaint towns, historical sites, minerals, mile high city, ski resorts, and now mass shootings. Why are the youth of Colorado so confused? Are they so blessed with natural resources and beauty that they take it for granted? Someone needs to do a study on Colorado.

This latest shooting isn’t a gun problem, it’s a radical Islamist problem. He must have become radicalized just like the Fort Hood shooter and the Boston bombers. He hated Trump and believed the lies he heard on let’s say MSNBC that Trump banned Muslims from flying to America. He banned flights from terror hotbed areas of Muslim countries, not Muslims. Four years of lies can affect a youth’s mind, especially at the critical ages of 18 to 21. The hate-filled media has to hold some responsibility in this shooting. They need to start reporting the truth. I won’t hold my breath.

So he remains quiet for four years but now sees the new president is soft on crime even considering letting out terrorists that were involved in 9-11. This could be the impetus for his rampage. Ironically, he should be ecstatic that Biden is president. But he’s not.

Social media can be a haven for hate and may have brainwashed this kid’s mind enough to make him snap. Is he enrolled in college or are the colleges shutdown as a result of fear of covid? Idle hands are a devil’s workshop. He either needed a job or to be in college. Are his parents radicalized? The Boston Bombers’ radical aunt influenced those boys. The Aurora theater shooter was influenced by a violent movie and most likely video games. The “revenge of the nerds” Columbine shooters were taking revenge on the more popular students. Clearly a mental issue and lack of after-school supervision.

Thousands of people are depressed in America especially after a year of covid restrictions. It shouldn’t be a reason to attack innocent shoppers. Thoughts and prayers go out to their families. Depression can’t be the only reason he shot up a supermarket; if so, we’d have mass shootings everyday across America. It has to be combined with radical Islamist hate for America. It’s not the gun’s fault, it’s the person holding the gun. His parents need to be interviewed.

What does have me scratching my head, however, is the fact that the media wanted the shooter to be a White guy over an Islamist and the police tried to bury this fact. Why is that? It’s a rhetorical question. But someone should do a study on the youth in liberal Colorado. Something is going on there in rocky mountain high aside from getting high on pot.


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