Let’s Boycott the MLB Allstar Game…

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

in retaliation for them getting political and leaving Atlanta, i.e. caving to the Socialcrats. Well…two can play this game. The conservatives can play it too. Let’s hurt them where it really hurts, in the pocketbook. We can all refuse to attend the game, now planned for Denver, nor watch it on the tele. An empty stadium will send these companies a message not to cave to the Socialcrats.

If we don’t boycott this game, sports will continue to cave to the left. We the People have to stand up and let our voices be heard. It’s all we have left. And while we’re at it, boycott Coke and Delta who are also selling politics rather than products. We don’t want to hear their politics! Better yet, sell their stocks if you own them and vacation in Georgia to support the state.

We can’t count on the media or the powers at be to protest MLB’s cowardice decision, so we need to boycott the game. It reminds me of the Supreme Court’s decisions lately. Cowardice. Obama and Biden have rejoiced at MLB’s decision. So we know who are behind this. This was solely made for political reasons, nothing to do with racism. If requiring ID to vote is racist, then requiring ID to buy alcohol is racist. It is not. They just want to intimidate Georgia’s Republican governor (who’s trying to redeem himself) before the next election in 2022. And they want to threaten other states from passing similar “election integrity” laws, or they’ll be cancelled too. They are sending a message.

If you’re a big baseball fan, it will hurt to miss the game; but how much will it hurt if this kind of mob mentality continues? Much more than missing one game. Next it will be golf, football, hockey, and tennis. Don’t let them win. It will not stop until the mass body of people that oppose this politicization of sports finally stand up. Stand up for freedom. Stand up for your rights.

Stand up for voter rights: “Voter ID laws in the United States are laws that require a person to provide some form of official identification before they are permitted to register to vote, receive a ballot for an election, or to actually vote in elections in the United States.” Wikipedia. If you don’t, you send a message that you don’t really care if you are controlled by the left mob–controlled in everything you do from masks, to schools, to driving, to working, to eating, to worshipping, to voting, and now to our sports. They want control over everything. We’re not sheep. Don’t act like one.

Voter ID is the clincher that Socialcrats do not want. Why? Because they want illegals, which are coming over our border in droves, to vote in the next election without showing ID–like they did in the last two elections. Come on, man! We’re not stupid. We know what they are trying to do. They can’t win an election fairly; and they know Slow Joe can’t win on his policies, so they’re panicking. The only thing they have, which worked in 2020, is intimidation, threats, and cheating. They will label an organization racist and homophobic, if they don’t go along with them. They’ll burn down a store if they don’t vote with them.

Governor Ron DeSantis is a rock star right now that we need to strive to be. He stood up to the leftist 60 Minutes reporter who lied about his choices for vaccine distributors. She tried to set him up in a Biden-like “pay for play” scandal that didn’t exist, and he shut her down. 60 Minutes has been Democrat for years and is not to be trusted. Senator Ted Cruz is another rock star. He stood up to a lying, pathetic reporter at the border and put her in her place. We need more elected officials like these two. They don’t cave to female attack dogs, pressure, conformity, or threats. They put country over self; it drives the left insane.

Something has to give. We can’t go on like this. It’s like being in an abusive marriage. You have to stand up for yourself at some point or die. Enough already. The left is controlling everything as there are no checks and balances any longer. We the People is our only defense. Now that they’re going after the governors of red states, we have to nip it in the bud. Notice 60 Minutes doesn’t touch failed Governors Cuomo or Newsom. Why? Because they are carrying their leftist water.

So if you were thinking about attending the Allstar game, cancel it. If you were going to watch it on tv, turn it off. And if you are a Coke consumer, stop. Same for Delta. These companies need to realize that conservatives have power in numbers. Let’s show them. After all, we won the presidential election and probably the senate before our votes got stolen by the Socialcrats. Let’s hurt them in the pocketbook for caving to the left.


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