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If there were to be a book written about the Biden Administration so far, it could only be entitled Deceptive.” There’s no other name for it. Everything they do or say is to fool Americans. Biden says he is appointing his VP to oversee the border crisis, yet she declines. Can you even imagine if Mike Pence refused to head up the coronavirus task force? So, to date, no one is overseeing the border crisis. Kamala has gone rogue and is actually showing disrespect for her boss. True colors showing.

Biden deceptively calls Georgia’s new election laws akin to Jim Crow and America starts pulling sports out of Georgia. Major League Baseball didn’t even read the law, they are just doing the bidding for this deceptive administration. There is no truth to what Biden and Pippi Longstocking says about ending voting at 5 p.m. None. It is all about the fact that their governor wants Voter ID. In fact, Pippi is a known liar, a carry over from the Obama Administration. That’s why her nose is growing.

But seriously, Americans are being hoodwinked and duped. It is sad that we have so many gullible people living in our country. The domestic terrorist at the capitol is being labeled as having “no known motive.” Really? No known motive? Is the FBI really this dumb? Of course not. They are being deceptive. How ’bout hate for America? Terrorists kill out of hate for America which his Facebook posts clearly revealed before they were scrubbed. If he was a White male, they’d immediately say his motive was White supremacy. So you see, this deceptive administration and FBI covers for the left and lies about the right. It is downright disgusting and incorrigible.

When Biden falls climbing the stairs to Air Force One, they called it being blown over by the wind. When Hunter Biden gets interviewed by the media regarding his bogus book, they ask him if the infamous laptop was his. “It could be, but it could also be compromised by Russia.” No follow up, no outrage. Just accepted as the truth. Deceptive as he didn’t fall far from the tree. He said he did nothing wrong as it pertained to working with China and Ukraine. He did nothing wrong as a known drug addict raking in millions of dollars by selling his father’s name to the highest bidder and selling out our country? Deceptive. And the media has no comeback.

Biden’s proposed infrastructure bill will be nothing more than the Green New Deal. Forget roads, bridges, and airports. It will be about changing America as we know it. Ruining buildings, structures, and homes to fit into the Green Pipedream AOC has come up with. Deceptive. And their last trillion dollar covid relief bill just rewarded their donors, liberal mismanaged states, and teachers’ unions but sent little toward covid relief. Deceptive.

Biden wearing his mask everywhere is also deceptive. He has been fully vaccinated and no reason to wear one now, yet he wants to maintain fear and control over the folks. Control supersedes science. And it is still working as we all see idiots walking alone in the fresh air donning their stupid masks. When will this deception end?! Only when we get the Socialcrats out of control.

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