You’ve Heard of Fake News; Now We Have a Fake Administration.

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Illusions by this administration.

Everyone working for Biden Administration is either fake, hypocritical, phony, illegitimate, heartless, incompetent, politicized, or delusional. And for the life of me I can’t tell one from another. But they are running our country right now. They have our heads spinning or us head scratching every time they open their mouths or get caught on camera. But we are getting what we can only expect from those who were picked for high positions in this government. Garbage in = garbage out.

For instance, so-called environmentalist Pete Buttigieg drives his SUV with his bike on the back, then stops to park his SUV and rides his bike into work for a photo op. This is an example of a hypocritical phony appointed as Secretary of Transportation. The only part of that title which seems apropos is the “secretary” part. What in the world does this nut know about transportation? My father who retired from CALTRANS would have known more.

Point is, everything this administration does is with smoke and mirrors to impress us. We’re not impressed. This administration knows they got where they are by cheating their way into the White House but are doubling down out of guilt. They are going out of their way to look legitimate to stick it to us, but it is backfiring on them. The truth will all be coming out soon, as each suspicious state is doing an audit of their election. Once the results are released, it’s going to be a constitutional crisis whether or not to keep an illegitimate president in office. And this is the first time in history thanks to the internet and counterfeit ballots. It will end up at our Supreme Court who is cowardice at the moment.

Everyone is being threatened by the left to shut up or get out; from the sports world to corporations to states to the supreme court. The state of Georgia knows that they experienced election fraud in both of their current elections, so the governor is taking precautional measures from it happening again. All he did was pass an “election integrity” law which discourages cheating, but cancel culture has threatened any sports held in his state. And the sports caved. Coke caved, NIKE caved. They hear the word racist; they believe it, and they fold like a cheap suit. It is disgraceful. And who condoned this cancelling sports in Georgia? None other than…wait for it… Mr. Unity himself…Biden.

Another example of smoke and mirrors is what they are allowing to be filmed at the border. They are trying to show orderly rooms with appropriate spacing between cots for children; but, unfortunately the pesky truth manages to slip out which shows the complete opposite of their sham. What we have here is an administration that is heartless and incompetent as well as politicized. They want these migrants to flood our borders to have them be future voters. Biden once said, “We can handle 2 million more of them.” Boy, he was not kidding. Every once in a while when his mind is lucid, he spews the truth. But his truth is our nightmare. And we are living it in real time with this fake administration.

I heard something profound from a news anchor this morning which is rare these days. He said (and I’m paraphrasing) by keeping the public wearing masks, this administration is maintaining control. Control supersedes the science of wearing masks after being vaccinated, i.e. control trumps science. Something to that effect. So don’t be surprised if this administration, after we’re all vaccinated, is still donning masks in order to scare us into wearing them. Fear factor. Yesterday I saw a lady in her car alone behind me waiting in a drive-up pharmacy line, donning a mask. She looked so dumb, but I figured she was just one of many who have drank this administration’s Kool-Aid. So sorry for her and for the rest of America who thinks like her. You got hoodwinked.


2 thoughts on “You’ve Heard of Fake News; Now We Have a Fake Administration.

  1. I Agree 1000%

    We are nearing the 100th day of this false administration, it’s not even an administration, it’s a marxist hijacking.

    The coronavirus pandemic turned out 2 be part of an evil plot by the globalist elite 2 dismantle the western civilization (including America) and infiltrate their satanic world order agenda for the future.

    This cannot happen.

    The real villains behind all of the travesties and tragedy that we’ve seen in 2020 are occupying in Washington rite now and in other parts of the world.

    Yes even the chinese government is involved.

    Bottom Line: We’ve got 2 take everything back! We have 2 save the future. For Freedom, Independence, & Prosperity worldwide.


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  2. I hear ya but how? I feel helpless, as others do, to what they are forcing upon us. I dread turning on the news to see more of what they are allowing to happen to our country. And the powers at be say nothing, like George W. He’s our last conservative president before Trump but all he can do is sit back and paint. Makes me sick. They need to come to the mic and demand that our schools open up across the nation and the mask be discarded too, inside and out. And our border secured like Trump had it done. We’re fed up.


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