Why Was Noah Green’s Social Media Immediately Scrubbed?

What do you have to hide Facebook?

Whenever I don’t hear that a suspect is White, I become suspect. The authorities made it a point to say they don’t think it is terror-related, yet NBC equates this act of domestic terror at the capitol today to Officer Sicknick getting killed by Trump supporters. Officer Sicknick was not killed by Trump supporters. His cause of death is not being released by the FBI, curiously.

This Noah Green appears to be a person of color, shocker; and may I go out on a limb to suggest that he is a member of BLM or Antifa. MSNBC has purposely called the killer out as a “White male”, shocker. The machete is a dead giveaway, as well as using a vehicle to impose death, of ISIS. According to Facebook (before it was scrubbed by Big Tech) he was also a follower of Nation of Islam. So let’s call him out for what he is. He’s no Trump supporter. He’s a radicalized Black Islamic suicide killer. And it’s no coincidence that he commits murder on Good Friday.

Second terror attack on Biden’s watch. Way to go Biden. Let’s not forget the supermarket shooter only a week ago that was laughing while he shot innocent White shoppers. Biden is racking up quite a record. But as in the Obama Admin they will never call terror for what it is. It is workplace violence, a protest prompted by a hateful video, or a gay hate crime, never terror.

Why are the authorities trying to imply that Noah is a Trump supporter? Why are they covering for a person of color? Why did big tech drop the ball yet again on weeding out this terrorist before he attacked? If it was a MAGA-hat wearing perp, you can bet your bottom dollar his social media would be left alone for all to read and the media and authorities would be shouting from the rooftops that the perp is White. White is bad; Black is good.

But the media, big tech, and the government are going to continue to equate this nut to a Trump supporter. Not one Trump supporter killed anyone on January 6th. An unarmed Trump supporter was shot dead, however, by an unnamed Black capitol officer. The double standard is deafening.

May the officer that got murdered today rest in peace. Prayers go out to his family. But Washington needs to be more vigilant as ISIS is making a comeback due to MAWA: Make America Weak Again. They see an opening in this soft on crime atmosphere.


Due to the fact that this domestic terror at the Capitol, no less, was committed by a Black male, the media has gone silent on this report. No one is even reporting on it any longer and the FBI are cowardice to call it homegrown terror. If he was a White male, the FBI would be weeding out conservatives claiming they are the biggest threat to America today.

Bottomline: We are living under the worst, most nontransparent, most deceptive government in my lifetime. It is blaringly derelict in duty. Small girls being dropped over the border fence by coyotes is dismissed by this administration as nothing to see here. All is fine. Move on. They were found.


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