Let’s Reopen All Schools, Nationally!

Photo by Max Fischer on Pexels.com

It’s a national mental health emergency, says a pearl-clutching, deporable, non-racist citizen. These teachers who are refusing to go back to the classroom, and you know who you are, are being lazy and selfish. You like getting paid for sitting at home. You’re insulted that we call you essential workers. No, you’re not a stockboy or a hamburger flipper; but maybe you can think of yourself as a doctor. Doctor of the future of our children. And our children are the future of America.

Feel proud that we are dependent on your expertise. You are comparing yourself to a daycare facility so that parents can go back to work. You’re insulting yourself, as teachers have been around since mothers were stay at home homemakers. And the parents who are refusing to let your kids back in school are being political activists. Making a statement in the name of fear of covid which just shows your ignorance.

This is nothing more than politics at this point. There is no concern over health. If there was, they would be concerned about the mental health of all these children stuck home on a computer. It is purely unhealthy according to all health experts!

My grandson was allowed back to school for one weekly two hour session in an auditorium with other kids. Big whoop! Many teachers refused to show as well as many students. Basically, it was a waste of two hours as they weren’t in a classroom setting with a teacher of their own or even their own classmates. It was more like what they are conducting at the borders for the illegals. So this is what it has come down to. Our children are getting an education on the scale of illegals at the border. What’s next, handing out space blankets? This is what we are paying taxes for?

These teachers and teachers unions are just doing the bidding of the president. They should all be fired for refusing to show up for work and new teachers brought on in their place. This is what we did when the air traffic controllers refused to go to work. We hired new ones. I’m sure there are plenty of teachers willing to take their jobs. We, as parents and grandparents, need to speak out and demand that our schools reopen. I’ve threatened to not pay my property taxes to the County Auditor’s office in California, and they transferred me to one person after another to complain to. Some actually agreed with me and gave me the numbers at the school unions. Those numbers were all answered by answering machines and not one called me back. But I left them a “nice” voicemail.

So you see. They are doing the bidding of their illustrious new president and current governor of California. It is sick and it needs to end. REOPEN ALL OUR SCHOOLS NATIONALLY! PERIOD! This has gone on too long. The jig is up. We’re onto you, now that you have teachers calling us racist and white supremacists for asking that they return to their jobs.

Biden needs to make a public address to the nation from his oval office demanding that schools reopen immediately. Cut with the masks requirements and air refiltration nonsense. Just open up our friggin schools already! But I won’t hold my breath because for some reason this president enjoys seeing us suffer. He has some sort of axe to grind and is taking it out on all of us collectively while his VP cackles at the notion of reopening schools. He’s heartless.

Happy Good Friday.


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