Masks Are No Longer Required for your Health!

Submissive girl looking silly in the mountain air with a mask on.

In fact, they may be hazardous to your mental health. It has become a symbol or a statement or to some a fashion statement or a habit but is no longer needed for health reasons. Most of us are vaccinated now; we can’t spread it or get it. Even if one is not vaccinated, most likely those around one are. Ones odds of dying from a car-related accident are much higher and we don’t ban cars.

We need to cut with the commercials on tv showing groups wearing masks. We need to stop jogging in the park with masks on. We need to stop forcing children to wear masks in school and sports. We need to stop requiring masks onboard planes, trains, and buses if vaccinated. We need to stop requiring them in stores, waiting rooms, and taxis. We need to stop congress and the president from wearing them altogether as they’re all vaccinated. It sends a confusing message. We need to stop waiters, store clerks, and bank tellers from wearing them if they are vaccinated. What is the point? Once this happens, masks will become a thing of the past.

We need to fire Fauci as he wants the masks to become a permanent part of society forever. He’s nuts. He should move to China where his buddies are. The mask is a statement for some that they are “allegiant to this administration and not Republican” which is ridiculous. The mask is a fashion statement for some thinking they have the coolest mask around. The mask is a habit for some that just put it on like a robot whenever they leave their car. The mask is being used by the government to subconsciously control us. The mask is beginning to look like the Muslim burka to me. But what the mask isn’t is a means to keep you healthy. Doesn’t do one thing to protect you from the covid virus.

In my opinion, the mask is emasculating for men to wear and submissive for women to wear. Since when do men want to look like sissies or women want to look like subservient beings? Never. What happened to women’s lib? Gone. That alone should stop these clowns from donning the mask. But a day does not go by without me having to see ignorant people wearing them outside. It is nothing more than ignorance at this point and it irks me.

I tell them that they don’t need the mask on my account and they look like they’ve never heard anyone say that to them before. These are robots walking around in a cloud of misinformation from this government and/or their employers. Stop with the masks already!

And last, but not least, please someone tell Pelosi to throw out all her masks as she looks the worst in them. I have to change the channel when she comes to a mic. It’s like she has a diaper on her mouth, which is not a bad idea for what comes out of her mouth.


2 thoughts on “Masks Are No Longer Required for your Health!

  1. Just got a new mask that I wear when forced into it. Black with white letters. Says ” The real pandemic is how stupid everyone is.” I absolutely detest wearing the damn things, they are the most ridiculous and useless pieces of crap in the world. Uggggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Just survived shopping in the most liberal market in the most liberal county without a mask. Even made it through the checkout counter. Then a manager type woman came behind the checker and called his name. She looked at me while pointing at her mask and said, “Your mask!” I ignored her, grabbed my grocery bag, and walked out without saying a word. Felt good. They need to get off their high stupid horses. The more we ignore them, the more others will. Even Biden is changing his tune today.


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