Biden, Our First Dictator.

46 and Done: Why Joe Biden Should Be Our Last President | The Nation

“A dictatorship is a form of government characterized by a single leader or group of leaders and little or no toleration for political pluralism or independent media.[2] According to other definitions, democracies are a form of government in which “those who govern are selected through contested elections”; therefore, dictatorships are “not democracies.” Wikipedia

We weren’t allowed to contest the last election; so, therefore, we do not have a democracy but rather a dictatorship. We’ve all read about the dictators of the past that ruled other countries we’ve never been to. “This type of dictatorship was imposed during the 20th century in countries such as, Chile by Augusto PinochetArgentina by Jorge Rafael Videla and other leaders, Uruguay by Juan Maria BordaberryParaguay by Alfredo StroessnerBolivia by Hugo BanzerBrazil by Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco.” Wikipedia.

Biden is ruling our country via single party dictatorship as the Dems control the House, the Senate, and the Executive Branch. We have lost all checks and balances. It’s Biden’s way or the highway. He’s an angry old man. How did this happen? They stole the presidential election and rigged the Georgian election. PERIOD.

“Single-party dictatorships are regimes in which one party dominates politics. In single-party dictatorships, a single party has access to political posts and control over policy. In single-party dictatorships, party elites are typically members of the ruling body of the party, sometimes called the central committeepolitburo, or secretariat. Those groups of individuals controls the selection of party officials and “organizes the distribution of benefits to supporters and mobilizes citizens to vote and show support for party leaders.” Wikipedia.

But did we ever think we’d be living in a country where our President of the United States begins to rule like a dictator, imprisoning people for freedom of speech, controlling what news is allowed for public consumption, rigging elections, imposing draconian rules on the public, brainwashing our children in school to believe one way, and overtaxing the rich to pay for the poor? Of course, not. But this is where we are.

Even though the CDC has relaxed the rules on mask wearing, the obedient followers of this regime are going to continue to virtue signal us as this is what it has been all along. It has never been to stop the spread. It has been a symbol of allegiance to an insane dictator (which is a common trait) that stole our election from President Trump.

Every time I turn on the news, which I hadn’t for five days, I am sickened by what this madman is getting away with and no one is saying a thing. The Middle East is on fire and Biden favors the Palestinians over Israel. All the peace agreements that Trump oversaw are for not now. Biden has become the poster boy for “reversal of fortune”: Higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher taxes, higher costs for goods, high unemployment, and turmoil in the Middle East and at our Southern Border.

Biden looks like a Chinese dictator and his eyes do too. The GOP gets their feathers ruffled up but have done nothing really to stop him other than propose some bills in the House that are DOA in the Senate. It gets us nowhere. The GOP better stand up and revolt soon rather than keep acting like a bunch of doormats or pushovers or we’re all doomed. The way they let Pelosi run the Chamber forcing them to wear masks for no reason is pitiful. The more they get away with and the longer we tolerate this, the more power the dictator gains.

Notice they are now blaming the turmoil in the Middle East on Trump which is laughable. We had four years of peace under Trump, PERIOD. This is their SOP. Whenever something goes badly, blame Trump. Ironically, they want it to go badly but they need someone to blame for the benefit of the gullible stupid press. Now Biden has condoned a Russian and Germany pipeline but cancelled all our pipelines. Something bad is on the horizon and it smells like war.

Fasten your seatbelts, we’re in for a bumpy ride.


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