The January 6th Hoax.

FBI Director: Agency won't recommend criminal charges in Hillary Clinton  email investigation – The Denver Post
Hillary asks a favor from the FBI.

We all remember the hoax the left forced on America called “Russia Collusion.” Then the hoax was exposed for what it really was: Hillary asking the FBI for a smokescreen called Russia Collusion to cover for her criminal acts of disposing of subpoenaed evidence. Then out of the blue on cue came the Ukraine quid pro quo hoax. That was nothing more than Biden looking for a similar smokescreen (favor) to cover for his quid pro quo with Ukraine and all his shady transactions that his son was involved in. We thought that was the end of the hoaxes, but the left wasn’t done.

And let’s not forget the China Virus which was unleashed on the United States during a presidential election year and constantly blamed on Trump for mismanagement. Reality was Trump had good instants as far as therapeutic treatments which, if they had been used in certain states like New York, California, and Nevada, thousand of lives would have been saved. But the governors of these states and Fauci used the virus to cause a pandemic to hurt Trump’s chances. They politicized the virus, sent infected patients into rest homes, refused to allow HCQ to be prescribed, and have blood on their hands. Word is still out on who has their fingerprints on the unleashing of the bioweapon.

When the China Virus didn’t hurt Trump’s success, the Shutdown of the Economy was their next plan of attack. Some states are still in shutdown mode and have mask mandates.

The next scheme was the well orchestrated rigged election stolen from President Trump. Many states and governors were involved all the way down to the election offices. I witnessed it firsthand in Nevada when the election clerk didn’t ask for my ID, signature, or even look me up on their voter rolls. First time ever. Just handed me a ballot like they were giving out candy. Red flags popped up, and I knew then we were going to have a stolen election. Then on election night when the results of Arizona were called early by none other than FOX News analysts that were anti-Trumpers, the election took a turn for the worse. The counting stopped in many states for phony reasons like a broken waterpipe that never existed and in the dead of night six states that Trump should have won in, miraculously flipped to the Biden column.

Then when the left started to get worried that certain state senators wouldn’t accept the electoral vote count in their state, they had to come up with another scheme: plan an attack on the Capitol during the exact time the Senate was contesting their state’s votes and compare it to 9-11, call it something horrible like an Insurrection. Truth was, there were no armed demonstrators and the only person shot dead was a Trump supporter by a black anti-Trump Capitol police officer–name being withheld.

Here’s some facts that the media fails to report on. The Black youth who placed the pipe bombs that were discovered prior to the Capitol breach has not been charged or name released. Pelosi asked that the National Guard stand down as it would not be good for optics (which is code for they wanted chaos). Four hundred or so conservatives who attended the Trump rally have been sought and imprisoned indefinitely for trespassing. Silly charge. Haven’t heard of any antifa being arrested that day or BLM. They release violent BLM rioters the same day.

There was no insurrection. The Capitol police asked and escorted many demonstrators into the Capitol building so how can that even be called trespassing? Antifa planned days ahead to come to town to infiltrate the Capitol demonstration and were dressed accordingly with backpacks and climbing equipment to scale the walls. DC police were seen escorting their buses in the dead of night. A well planned coup.

Now the latest scheme is to make more of January 6th than it really was and to criminalize anyone who disputes the presidential election. The media is big on shaming us for wanting audits done in the suspect states. We know for a fact that election fraud was committed as many of these workers were caught on tape sneaking in additional ballots. But not one of these election workers have been arrested. Not one that I have heard of. Only conservatives get arrested. The crooked FBI is in cahoots with the stolen election and will not pursue any evidence to prove it.

The January 6th Commission (sounding like the Warren Commission) is nothing more than the left’s latest smokescreen covering up for the chaos at the border and turmoil in the Middle East. In fact their new mantra is: “Cause a crisis and keep it going to take their eyes off the ball.”

January 6th was a big nothing burger, nothing compared to the assassination of President Kennedy, the attack on the World Trade Center, or attack on Pearl Harbor. For the left to make any comparisons is reprehensible. So far, Biden is going down as the worst president in modern day history. He has turned our country inside out with his constant racism remarks and teaching racism in schools. Worst president ever. Shame on him.

2 thoughts on “The January 6th Hoax.

  1. The Democrat party is nothing more than a mega version of Siegfried and Roy. Nothing you see is real or true. The real truth is hidden behind the big red curtain.


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