Antifa/BLM/Mob are the “New ISIS.”

How ISIS looked under Obama Administration.

I thought of this comparison when I saw a flashback of ISIS marching on the dusty roads of Afghanistan prior to Trump eliminating all of them in short order. At first I thought it was an Antifa or BLM march but then realized they look and behave very similar. Obama played with the terror group for eight years even supplying them with Toyota trucks from the U.S.

The mob here reminds me of ISIS and they are increasing exponentially daily. Some even dress in similar dark garb looking and marching like ISIS. Someone is supplying them with their outfits and weapons. (Soros) The problem is, is that we have allowed them to grow and spread in numbers and get more and more recruits. We don’t eliminate them like we would ISIS, yet they are just as deadly. Their weapons are arson, bricks, pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, and guns versus roadside bombs, but they can do as much damage. Now Palestinian sympathizers, spurred on by the media, have joined these groups and are attacking Jewish folks due to turmoil in the Middle East encouraged by Biden.

And let’s be clear, Asians are being attacked by BLM not Trump supporters. Yesterday an Asian boy got shot in Orange, California, in the backseat of his parents’ car. This is getting out of control and no one calls out the perpetrators. The media won’t even identity what the couple in the drive by shooting looked like which means they were Black. The media is complicit in these attacks by the fact that they never out the race of an attacker if he’s Black. They just continue to imply that they were white supremacists or Trump supporters, which is a red herring.

Protesters that commit violence and mayhem are breaking the law under our constitution. But protesters of today have no conscience or morals. They do not value life or our constitution. They shoot cops if they get pulled over. The reason this is getting out of control and turning into an ISIS like organization, is due to the fact that our prosecutors are releasing them after they get arrested. No trial, no bail, no consequences, and they’re back on the streets again. The prosecutors are in on it. It is the Old Wild West only we had a sheriff and and a court back then that usually hung the criminals if found guilty. Not today. The bleeding heart liberals have ruined that too.

Criminal defense lawyers are hurting under this president. They have no one to defend. Prisoners are released to do more harm and no new perps are getting arrested. And police, who are quitting daily, are afraid now to arrest blacks as they always resist and that never turns out well. In fact, the cop usually gets arrested and the perp’s family gets rewarded millions of dollars. Isn’t this setting up an incentive for suicide by cop? Maybe Floyd committed suicide by cop. He was a unproductive citizen in society who was on drugs and passing counterfeit bills. He had nothing to live for. Who would of thunk a lawyer would be short of clients? But in this unlawful society where criminals rule, criminal defense lawyers are not needed.

I feel like we are living in Back to the Future II where the town had been taken over by gamblers, hookers, and criminals; only our country has been taken over by criminals not only on our streets but in our highest government positions. I am one who still believes the election was stolen by Biden and his ilk. Nothing can change my mind. I also believe that the China virus was created in a lab and purposely released on the world as China was hurting under Trump. Evidence, although most of it destroyed or dead, points in that direction. We are being duped from the top on down.


Criminals are running our country now. We have to speak out whenever possible but be vigilant too. Our government is using the New ISIS to take us out whenever they please. We have more criminals coming over the border like cockroaches and will surely be recruited by the New ISIS. If this continues, which I don’t see changing anytime soon, we will be outnumbered. It will come down to good versus evil which it probably has been all along. Speak out and don’t give up the good fight for our country and freedom.


One thought on “Antifa/BLM/Mob are the “New ISIS.”

  1. The entire Democrat entourage in Washington D.C. makes as much sense as Mormon missionaries at an Ashiest convention. You cannot name a single Democrat, currently in D.C. that isn’t some sort of wacked out nut case, with off the wall ideas. I have never seen a more useless group of people. Their foreign policies are a train wreck, their domestic policies are totally destructive. It’s clearly the inmates running the asylum. Arrgghh!!! I hate it.

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