Kammie Shamed into Upstaging Trump at the Border.

Surprise! Kammie’s going to the border.

Trump does it again. He plans a trip to the border to show us what is going on down there and suddenly out of nowhere Kammie plans a trip…only two days ahead of him! Remarkable! But she plans to go to an area where there are no children piled atop of each other and makeshift tents overfilled to capacity. Heaven forbid she gets photo op of herself in front of that failure of their administration. And she certainly wouldn’t call it a humanitarian crisis like she did when Trump was president.

What’s really going on here? Kammie is like the teenager that refused to play a role given to her by the drama teacher as she didn’t think it would help her popularity in school. But suddenly one of the popular girls offered to play it instead. She wasn’t going to have that so she showed up two days prior to opening day saying that she had accepted the role all along. Get it? Kammie’s a calculating little brat. No one you’d want to be friends with in school. She’s trying to upstage Trump at the border and will probably fall off stage on her face.

But she has painted herself into a corner by refusing to go to the border before. Now she’s damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Nothing she can do at this point will make her look good. Nothing. Even if she shows up at a location with fake props of clean cots, happy children, and no migrants illegally crossing. I can see them now scrambling to come up with the child actors, fake stage settings, and props for this scene. Trump will show the people what’s really going on two days later. Busted Kammie!

She played her cards all wrong. This administration will be exposed for what they are really up to. They don’t care about the wellbeing of the migrants but rather are just using them to add to the voter rolls down the line. All part of a bigger plan to have more registered Democrat voters. This border crisis to them is just the means justifying the end result: Maintaining power and Socialist rule.

But leave it to Trump to force her hand. Thanks Trump. She has no cards to play.


3 thoughts on “Kammie Shamed into Upstaging Trump at the Border.

  1. Too bad she doesn’t go to the part of the border where people are hurting. Rather, she goes to the Democrat sanctuary of El Paso (where the border wall has slowed the flow of illegals to a trickle).


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