The White House Whisperer.

Creepy Joe is back. He’s refrained from whispering in little girls ears and sniffing their hair but now has a new tic…bending over and whispering in a mic in a hoarse voice with a scary expression. We can’t make this stuff up. He is getting creepier by the day.

Yesterday instead of yelling at a reporter for a question he didn’t like, he chose to answer in a creepy whisper and creepier face. His answer was self-serving. Something about a bill “he wrote” that he wanted full credit for which raises the deficit even more. This bill does nothing more than encourage unwed mothers to have more children and sit home collecting checks on each child they have. Disgraceful. We need married couples having children with at least one of them working to support the child. The whole American Dream in going down the tubes. Thanks to Creepy Joe.

The point is, Creepy Joe is losing it. He knows he’s doing a terrible job for the country and gets very defensive if questioned. When he’s not around his sycophant staff or activist wife who controls him, he gets his back up and becomes a loose canon. We can expect just about anything from him now. Anything. Nothing will surprise me that he does or says. The main media covers for him ad nauseam so he has full range of behavioral quirks at his disposal. Sort of like a kindergartener when his teacher leaves the classroom.

When will he be asked to take a cognitive test? The rest of us have to take them at age 65 and over as required by Medicare. Why not him? Is he above the law? Appears so. He has all the signs of cognitive decline: slipping on throw rugs, forgetting his thought in midsentence, screwing up people’s names, getting disoriented, bursts of anger, saying inappropriate things, slurring words, and having a weird affect akin to Hannibal Lecter.

Five Series Fans of the Hannibal Lecter Novels Must Read – DAN PADAVONA

The White House Whisperer needs to resign. Not that we want cackling Kammie in office, but the real winner of the last election would be nice.


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