What Was Kammie’s Big Takeaway from Border Visit????

Kamala Harris, under pressure to visit the southern border, says she will  make the trip 'at

Did we hear words like humanitarian crisis or heartbreaking sight or the border wall should be continued? No. In fact, all we heard was: “little girls I visited (without cameras) asked me how did a woman become vice president?” Are you kidding me? It’s all about her and always is.

If she really got asked that question (which I seriously doubt as it was a gratuitous remark and little starving migrants girls would not be having aspirations of being VP someday.) If she was honest, her answer to the fabricated question would be, “I was a product of affirmative action, sleeping my way to the top, and Biden choosing me for the black vote.” But she’s not honest.

What a self serving takeaway from this staged visit with no tents or migrants to be seen in the background just Airforce 2. Not one picture of her with unkempt migrant children piled atop each other. Not one. All she did was stand with a bunch of sycophant democrats and border control officers in a headquarters building. I notice she ditched the nervous cackle for this trip.

She also tried to place the blame of the crisis onto the previous administration that caused separation of children or some other nonsense. She lied when she said with a straight face, “We inherited a tough situation.” If they had done nothing, it would be 1000 times better than it is. Wait until Trump visits the real crisis area of the border which is about 800 miles south and exposes the real truth. She ignored the landowners that live along the border that experience the crisis daily and are suffering as well.

She took a few questions but gave her rehearsed gobbledygook answers saying “root causes” twelve times. Nothing she did solved any problems on the border. In fact, she encouraged more migrants to enter illegally. She merely went there to beat Trump to the photo op. But Trump’s photo op will not prevent cameras from filming the tents where children are suffering, showing migrants pouring in, or all the garbage they leave behind on private lands.

Biden/Harris are like Frick and Frack: Two people, usually employees of a company, who are deemed to be incompetent, lazy, or wasting time continuously by doing things other than working. Collins Dictionary. And for the life of me I can’t tell which one is worse. But if Kammie’s biggest takeaway from visiting the border was her being VP, we’ve got a problem Houston.

Watch a Trump rally tonight in Ohio on Newsmax at 7 EST.


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