“The Crime of the Century,” Trump Calls the Rigged Election.

Trump Ohio rally: Ex-president slams 'woke' generals and admits people  'laughed' at Space Force | The Independent

“They used covid to rig an election!” he said, which drew an uproarious response from the crowd. Trump is the only one with the courage to say it. He also had the courage to say he was so disappointed in the Supreme Court. That takes guts.

His speech last night at the rally in Ohio was so refreshing. We finally heard the truth after 100 days of lies from the current occupant of the White House. He went off teleprompter most of the speech as the wind was blowing which moved the teleprompter. But even with that, he never stumbled or forgot a name or slurred his words. He even read the poem, The Snake to the crowd comparing it to the illegal aliens coming over the border that we end up caring for. Great analogy. Trump recapped the night of the election and how it was stolen. He said when you win Florida and Ohio, you’ve won the election. That’s an historic fact. The corrupt Democrats ignored that historical fact.

He reminded us that when he was well ahead, the conspirators had to stop counting and come up with a desired amount of false ballots overnight. They were caught by surprise that Trump was winning after all the covid news and had to come up with Plan B. One counting room claimed there was a watermain break which turned out to be a lie. But they evacuated the room, sent the election workers home, and brought in suitcases of Biden ballots in the wee hours. It was a criminal act committed in plain sight. Trump said he’s not attacking democracy, he’s trying to save democracy

Trump says they planned this attack on the election system for four years. But I think they overplayed their hand. They added or stole enough votes to get 10 million more votes than Trump. That was overkill. There’s no way a candidate that spent the whole year in his basement and couldn’t draw twelve folks in a crowd to a rally would win by that much more. Biden won in cities where there were more votes than people registered. The whole thing was a sham and the supreme court lost its luster by refusing to take a look at it. The FBI was in on it as well as the “intelligent agencies” that Obama appointed, the election offices, the lower courts, some governors, the congress, and the Capitol Police.

Trump said the ballots collected from the ballot boxes placed around town without any chain of custody were 96% in favor of Biden. How is that? Did the collectors open them before they reached the counting room and reseal them after throwing out the Trump ballots? Anything is possible when we even had postal workers driving ballots over the Canadian border or over state lines to towns that were in need of Biden votes. When you can’t trust a bonded postal worker and even their postmaster, the whole system of mail in ballots became a farce never to be trusted again.

Trump got his loudest audience reaction whenever he mentioned the name Kamala or Pelosi. Boy, oh boy, are these women disliked. They even chanted lock her up when Pelosi’s name was mentioned as well as Hillary’s. They called Trump’s rally the Save America rally. Trump was especially disappointed with Biden’s Critical Race Theory being taught in schools and the “woke” military after Trump banned it. He promises it will be banned again once the Republicans get control of the House and Senate.

Remember when Trump says something, it usually gets mocked by the media but turns out to be correct. When he said hydroxy was a good therapeutic drug, he was correct. When he said Russian collusion was a hoax, he was correct. When he said Hunter laptop needed to be investigated, he was correct. When he said the vaccine would be developed prior to the election, he was correct. When he said the China virus came from a lab in China, he was also correct. When he said the Dems were on a witch hunt, he was correct. So you see, when he now says the rigged election is the crime of the century, he will be correct. I just wish we had an honest FBI and DOJ to look into it. DOJ Garland is a disgrace to the justice system as he is suing Georgia’s new voting laws.


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