Who Can Stand Watching the “News” Any Longer?

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Black and white TVs are a lo-fi rebuke to a world gone wrong | Television |  The Guardian
Good ol’ days.

Every time we turn on the “news” we see a video of angry Blacks causing havoc across America and the police trying to intervene. Then we ask ourselves, “What has happened to our beautiful country in such a short time?” It’s a fool’s errand. The police are “damned if they do and damned if they don’t” intervene. Radical Blacks are either condemning America or destroying it.

Why are the Blacks stirring up so much trouble for America? They got what they wanted: Sleepy Joe Biden. Why can’t they go back into their homes and behave like good citizens? Maybe they didn’t get what they wanted. Maybe they lost their jobs or their education under the Biden administration. Schools are still being shutdown across America due to covid and many businesses are still on lockdown. Maybe these angry Blacks could be back in school or work instead of in the streets stabbing and shooting people. They look angrier than ever, much like the Black Panther Party of the 70s.

“What was the Black Panther Party?

The Black Panther Party was an African American revolutionary organization that was formed in 1966 and reached its heyday a few years later. Its initial purpose was to patrol Black neighborhoods to protect residents from police brutality. It later evolved into a Marxist group that called for, among other things, the arming of all African Americans, the release of all Black prisoners, and the payment of compensation to African Americans for centuries of exploitation. It was also notable for its various social programs, such as free breakfasts for children, and medical clinics.” Britannica

Sounds familiar, right?

The difference between the 70s and today is there is a war on cops by the media, Blacks, and the White House which makes it almost impossible for the police to maintain control of the crowds. The media are doing their best to make cops look like the “enemy of the people”, which they aren’t. They suppress the full story of a resisted arrest, spinning it to look like excessive police force.

Cops of today are always considered “guilty until proven innocent” which is not the way the law was intended. But this administration seems to govern by a different set of rules. Even Independents and Democrats are starting to notice the difference in the way this country is being run. Maybe they will all come to their senses and vote these socialcrats out of office in 2022. It’s our last chance to save America…in 2022. Before we get in too deep.

Until then it is hard to turn on the news and see the same ol’ same ol’ fighting in the streets with angry Blacks. I’m over it.


UPDATED: July 13, 2021.

Nothing has gotten better since I posted this blog. In fact, the racial problem is getting worse under this new administration. They are forcing Critical Race Theory on the military and in our schools with the attitude that elections have consequences so suck it up. Blacks are now acting like they are in the majority and are the boss of us. I see it in the way they are talking on reality shows, in the streets, and in interviews. We’ve created a monster. We gave them everything they asked for like a spoiled child and now we are reaping the rewards. Temper tantrums.

Innocent pro golfer getting shot in the head for trying to assist a black driver that drove onto the golf course, cops getting shot daily during routine traffic stops or domestic violence calls, and blacks staging fake hate crimes. Boy, oh boy, it is not fun turning on the news and hearing the word racist, racist, racist, ad nauseum. If everything is racist, nothing is racist. The word has lost its strength.

Yesterday, Kammie said asking for voter ID is racist because rural folks can’t find a copy machine. What??? I live in rural, not black, and there are plenty of places to make copies. Has she ever gone into a UPS Store? She’s out of touch with reality. And why would one need a photocopy of their license if they voted in person? They wouldn’t. Kammie is referring to mail in requests for ballots and proof of ID, which she is against. Reason being, she wants all the illegals to vote.

When will all this racist talk end? I’m sick of it, but the news anchors seem to dwell on it. Maybe if we stop talking about race, it will go away. We shouldn’t judge one another by the color of our skin just the content of our character. Where did that phrase go? Long gone.

And lastly, if you are one still donning the hideous mask in the stores…please stop. You look like a submissive fool. I can’t stand passing you in the aisle. We know what you’re really doing. You think if you drop the mask, people will think you’re Republican. We won’t. We’ll think you’re smart. And you probably think the American Flag is a symbol of supporting Trump. It’s not. It’s a symbol of loving America. Stop your virtue signaling already. We’re all on to you.

Herd immunity combined with the Warp Speed vaccination creation has, by all intents and purposes, eliminated the China Virus thanks to Trump. If Biden had been president at the time, we’d all be dead by now from his disapproval of banning flights, disapproval of hydroxy, and national ineffective mask mandates. Children should not be getting the vaccine and wouldn’t under Trump. Biden has been on the wrong side of decisions his whole elected government career. He was for the Iraq War, against taking out Bin Laden, and now onboard with the Green New Deal which will be the downfall of America unless we can vote or impeach him ASAP.


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