Was Dirty Harry Foretelling the Future in Magnum Force?

Incredible as it seems there may be a whole suborganization within… [the government like the Deep State.] Yeah, some nights I wake up…wonder what the hell the world is going to,” says Inspector Callahan. My sentiments exactly, Clint. Damn, he was hot even with a Band-Aid.

Dirty Harry’s script in Magnum Force was way before its time. The movie was about a secret organization within the SFPD that was judge, jury, and executioner of suspects with criminal records. They hired rogue policemen as traffic cops that pulled over suspects then shot them to death without any arrest or evidence or court appearance. The Deep State is treating the GOP, Trump, and his supporters much in the same way. They are judge, jury, and executioners all in one for us thinking or believing differently. We are guilty and charged.

The Deep State, led by none other than Chris Wray et al, uses BLM, Antifa, and undercover FBI as their rogue policemen. They turned a peaceful assembly into a chaotic riot at the Capitol by inciting violence and the Deep State quickly (without evidence) blamed Trump. Judge, jury… charged. This is scary stuff. I read the transcript of Trump’s speech that day as well as watched it live. It was lacking in enthusiasm and rather lackluster. Not inspiring at all. More of a review of how the election fraud took place. Certainly not enough to stir up a crowd. In fact, he told them to march peacefully and patriotically to the Capitol to let their voices be heard.

Look how the Deep State treated Roger Stone, Manafort, and Giuliani for working with Trump. Look how they’ve treated Trump and his family from day one. Look how they’re treating any member of congress that dares to say that there was election fraud. They want them to resign. Look how they’ve treated peaceful attendees of the Trump rally of January 6th. Look what they’re doing to the owner of Parler having him flee his home from death threats. Look what they’ve done to all conservatives on Twitter–banned. They have been treating us all like criminals for believing in Trump. It is a travesty. They are the thought and speech police trying to silence us.

Ironically, the Deep State are the criminals overthrowing our government and treating us as the criminals. They are metaphorically pulling us over for a traffic violation and shooting us to death. I do wake up at night and wonder where the hell our country is heading. Dirty Harry’s script in Magnum Force was foreboding and rings true today. And as art imitates life, Clint is a conservative.

What the hell the world is going to?

Biden, “the liar and racist in chief”, is trying to divide this country down racial lines. It has been his goal from day one when looking back at all his tossed word salads. His rhetoric is getting more and more hostile against white conservatives with his constant Jim Crow and Critical Race Theory references. It is almost like someone with an axe to grind like Obama is a ventriloquist talking for him and pulling the strings of the puppet (dummy). I wonder, just like Dirty Harry, what the hell the world is going to? Why are we allowing this to continue?

Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such suppression of the truth from the media and government. It is Big Brother times ten we are experiencing. They are spying on us, banning us, and criminalizing our thoughts. It’s like we are living in a third world dictatorship country. And yet, almost comically, they are allowing the untrained son of the dictator to blow paint on canvas to be purchased for $500,000 by undisclosed foreign buyers. The double standard is excruciating.

I wonder what the hell the world is going to?


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