When Foxes Guard the Henhouse.

You can’t trust a fox.

We are in a situation where we are being ruled and controlled by those that are not to be trusted overseeing anything let alone our country. Agencies such as the FBI, CIA, NSA, Intelligence, Congress, and DOJ are not what they once were. And the current occupant of the White House is incompetent and vindictive, if not dangerous, to our existence.

Our president comes to the podium and lies daily calling it “not hyperbole” when it is in fact hyperbole. He says the Republicans are trying to undermine our election system when the exact opposite is true. We want to make our election system more honest and more secure for every U.S. citizen to vote and only once. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s called election integrity. But in Biden’s squinty eyes all he can see is Republicans making it more difficult to cheat. So he is calling it suppression of the black vote. Since when do laws just pertain to blacks? When Biden stole the presidency.

They cheated to get Trump out of office and everyone knows it, even the moderate Democrats know it. Will they admit it? No. To them it is like admitting you cheated on the SAT exam to get into the college you so desired. Why admit it now? You got what you wanted, better to remain silent. The media knows it too but will never let up. It’s one big secret the left is keeping from everyone but eventually the truth will get out. What makes me sick is how the anchors hem and haw around admitting that there was in fact proven voter fraud. They’re afraid to say it out loud for fear of being fired or cancelled.

I don’t trust a word that comes out of Biden’s mouth nor Kammie’s. Arizona audits are showing over 105,000 illegitimate votes which probably put Trump in the winning column. Will the DOJ give Trump the win and possibly the presidency? I…don’t…think…so. The Democrats have been caught dead to rights cheating but the foxes in charge still look the other way. Why? Because Dems never get punished only Republicans do.

Foxes are running the henhouse and we should all be afraid. The powers at be will lie, cheat, and steal to stay in power and there’s no one higher in office to call them out. We’re just sitting ducks right now until we can win in 2022 and take over the House and Senate outright.


Has anyone noticed the world is on fire now that Biden is in office? Uprisings in Cuba, the Middle East, and South Africa very similar to when Obama was president and the turmoil called Arab Spring began and was encouraged by Obama and our social media?

“In the wake of the Arab Spring protests, a considerable amount of attention focused on the role of social media and digital technologies in allowing citizens within areas affected by “the Arab Uprisings” as a means for collective activism to circumvent state-operated media channels. The influence of social media on political activism during the Arab Spring has, however, been much debated. 

The use of social media platforms more than doubled in Arab countries during the protests, with the exception of Libya. Some researchers have shown how collective intelligencedynamics of the crowd in participatory systems such as social media, has immense power to support a collective action—such as foment a political change. As of 5 April 2011, the number of Facebook users in the Arab world surpassed 27.7 million people. Some critics have argued that digital technologies and other forms of communication—videos, cellular phones, blogs, photos, emails, and text messages—have brought about the concept of a “digital democracy” in parts of North Africa affected by the uprisings.

Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media played a key role in the movement of Egyptian and Tunisian activists in particular. Nine out of ten Egyptians and Tunisians responded to a poll that they used Facebook to organize protests and spread awareness. This large population of young Egyptian men referred to themselves as “the Facebook generation”, exemplifying their escape from their non-modernized past.  Furthermore, 28% of Egyptians and 29% of Tunisians from the same poll said that blocking Facebook greatly hindered and/or disrupted communication. Social media sites were a platform for different movements formed by many frustrated citizens, including the 2008 “April 6 Youth Movement” organized by Ahmed Majed, which set out to organize and promote a nationwide labor strike and which inspired the later creation of the “Progressive Youth of Tunisia”.

During the Arab Spring, people created pages on Facebook to raise awareness about alleged crimes against humanity, such as police brutality in the Egyptian Revolution. Whether the project of raising awareness was primarily pursued by Arabs themselves or simply advertised by Western social media users is a matter of debate.” Wikipedia.

So you see, the peace-loving Democrats together with Big Tech are the real warmongers. They incite the riots in our streets by BLM and antifa via social media as they did during Arab Spring as well as what we are witnessing overseas today. They thrive on drama, strife, and turmoil. After all Never let a crisis go to waste is their mantra or in this case: “Cause a crisis and never let it go” like the capitol riot of 2021.

Vote the foxes out in 2022. They can’t be trusted.

Photo by Funny Foxy Pride on Pexels.com

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