Hospitals are Out of Control Under Biden’s Doctrine.

dressed to kill elevator scene - soulja boy instrumental - YouTube
A transgender in Dressed to Kill.

Recently my husband had the unfortunate fate to end up at the Emergency Room with an infection in the groin area. TMI but not the point. He had been on antibiotics but it was not working. His GP told him to go to the ER for an ultrasound and be seen by the attending physician.

While the exam was being performed, the ER nurse was on the computer screen the whole time. She continued with her questions of my husband and his history etc. after the doctor left the room. When she was about finished, she turns around and flippantly asks my husband, “Are you a man?” I thought she was trying to make a joke.

He shook his head in disgust and asked, “Is this a Bruce Jenner-like question?”

She continued, serious as a heart attack, “Are you born a biological male?”

Now I’m getting pissed as my husband is looking down at his genitals feeling verbally castrated so I had to intervene. “That’s a stupid question.”

“But we are required by law to ask if he’s born a biological male,” the nurse explains.

“Listen. We don’t believe in all this gender neutral and transgender talk. We don’t believe in children getting sex changes at the whim of their parents. And we don’t like the questions the government is requiring you to ask. It’s ridiculous and insulting,” I ranted.

“Is he a man or not?!” Nurse asked getting frustrated.

“Of course!”

I couldn’t look at her after that stupid line of questioning. And she left the room. I went home telling my husband to call when this humiliating experience is complete.

This is what our taxpayers’ dollars are going for? This is all about Biden making transgenders his doctrine. He has no other legacy to fall back on, so transgenders it is. He’s already ruined female sports and the Olympics, so now its the medical field. What a fool he is becoming. I can imagine all the nurses and doctors making fun of his doctrine behind his back since they are the ones who have to enforce it.

And what’s this I’m hearing about male transgender flight attendants dressing up as women on the plane and allowing transgenders back in the military? Dressed to Kill has a whole new meaning. And M*A*S*H was before its time, although it made fun of transgenders. I can’t wait until we get rid of this buffoon of a president. He’s made a laughing stock out of the medical field, sports, the military, and now the Federal Aviation Administration FAA.

Doctors, by the way, look embarrassed to be a doctor these days. They have a hangdog look on their faces. It used to be a proud profession but from mandated covid restrictions, to covid therapeutic med refusals, and now to transgender questioning, it’s no wonder they are quitting their profession in droves. They cannot even use their own common sense and expertise learned in medical school. Political correctness and politics have intervened and taken over the medical profession. And whatever profession politics touches as in journalism, it will slowly be destroyed.


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