Ten Trivial Questions to Ask Your Liberal Friends.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

In no particular order:

  1. How many illegals are caught coming across our southern border in a month’s time? How many this year? How many nations are they coming from?
  2. How many guns were confiscated from protestors at the capitol in January 2021?
  3. How many police were killed that day at the riot?
  4. How many blacks are shot by guns in Chicago on a typical weekend?
  5. How many votes cast in Arizona for the president have turned out to be illegitimate?
  6. Who said banning fights from China was xenophobic, racist, and unnecessary?
  7. Who told the National Guard to stand down on Jan 6th and why?
  8. Who originally said covid was not transmissible from person to person?
  9. Who expedited the research of a covid vaccine and cut the red tape to get it released and who said she’d never take the vaccine created under a Trump Administration?
  10. Who discouraged the use of taking Hydroxy in the early stages of covid resulting in the deaths of many patients with covid.


  1. 180,000. One million so far. 140 nations.
  2. zero
  3. zero
  4. 50 or so.
  5. 105,000
  6. Biden
  7. Nancy Pelosi, Bad optics.
  8. W.H.O. and China.
  9. Trump, Senator Kamala
  10. Dr. Fauci, Cuomo, Newsom, Neil Cavuto, and the media.

Chances are your liberal friends won’t know the correct answer to any of these trivial questions. And this is very telling. Why? It proves they get their news from social media, Yahoo, late night comedy, MSM, social gatherings, or the NYTimes which either sugarcoat, suppress, or bury the truth for a living. For example, I jokingly asked my liberal sister if she was going to try to sell her paintings to undisclosed buyers for $500,000? She asked, “Who’s getting $500,000 for a painting?”

I responded, “Hunter!” just to see if she knew of this story.

“Oh, is that what FOX says?” she asked dismissively as if it wasn’t true at all.

But you see, she heard that he was painting or she would have asked, “He paints?” She obviously got a sugarcoated version of the story saying Hunter has a new career and has found talent in painting which buried the news that he was selling to foreign buyers for access to his dad.

A normal respond if you hadn’t heard the story would be, “You’re kidding! How is he able to pull that off?” or “What a crook that guy is.” She probably never heard of the “laptop from hell” either.

Journalism is dead and has been for awhile. We just proved it.


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