Is Delta Variant Just Another Hoax…

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to scare the unvaccinated into submission?

Since I have become a big skeptic of everything this administration does and says, I am wondering if the Delta Variant even exists or is it the same coronavirus renamed to scare the rest of us into taking the vaccine. Obviously, a more potent version of a coronavirus that killed millions would scare anyone, so why not invent one? Wouldn’t put its past Fauci and Biden. And ironically the W.H.O. and CDC are pushing this fear; but since when are they to be trusted? Never.

Regardless of the name of the virus; the fact still remains if we are vaccinated already, we will not be catching symptoms of the illness. Could test positive with a false positive test but will have no symptoms of covid. I believe they’re just trying to scare us into meeting their goals of having 90% vaccinated by a certain date. The Delta Variant is unlikely to pose much risk to people who have been fully vaccinated, experts say. So why tout the Delta Variant other than trying to instill more fear in the people?

This administration thrives on fear. They spread fear. Fear is how they keep control of us. Mask wearing has been nothing more than gaining control of the people. Many are still wearing the mask as they are fearful and submissive. I would hate to be seen as submissive especially as a woman. Women should never be submissive. That trait went out in the 70s with secretaries, housewives, and gal fridays.

I’m sure if Rush were still alive, he’d be suspect of the Delta Variant. Now California is starting to require masks again indoors due to this Delta Variant. Just when we were starting to feel free again, they pull back the reins…whoa…not so fast. And requiring children over two to wear masks is not only medically ill-advised it is psychologically harmful to the children and should not be allowed. But now that politics has infiltrated the medical field, anything can be expected. If we have learned one thing from the pandemic, it is that we have a very compliant society.

We are experiencing inflation due to Biden’s policies despite what he says. We just had a stock market adjustment and possibly soon to have a real estate bubble POP due to Biden’s policies of suspending mortgage and rent payments during covid. Soon the bill will become due and homes will likely go into foreclosure like back in 2009 when Obama took over the helm. Something about a Democrat in office causes major economic busts. They’re just not good with money, ideas, and spending. Our economy was running without a hiccup under the helm of businessman Trump. Now everything is topsy-turvy.

Some landlords who cannot redeem the rents lost this year will have to sell rather than try to evict their tenants. Eviction is a long and grueling process which a landowner may not want to tackle. So look to see lots of properties come on the market causing the supply to be flooded which inevitably sends home prices falling.

So you see why I am skeptic that a Delta Variant even exists. They’ve lied about the economy, inflation, crisis at the border, turmoil overseas, riot at the capitol, election results, racism, and four years of Russia collusion so why wouldn’t they make up a new variant of a virus that we already have vaccines for? Why wouldn’t they? If past is prologue, they most certainly would. I’d be more surprised if they didn’t.

And as we have learned, just because they say so, doesn’t make it so. Fool us once shame on you…fool us time and again…shame on us. Let’s stop believing everything the media tells us as they are just an arm of the corrupt Democrat Party.


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