When is Babbling Word Salad Joe Going to be Called to Task?

Joe Biden Is Eerily Similar to Cartoon Character Mr. Magoo | Larry Elder -  YouTube
Mr. Magoo (2019) TV Review

Mr. Magoo called. He wants his job back. This is elder abuse. And I don’t mean Larry Elder who noticed the comparison also. Joe’s wife should be ashamed allowing Mr. Magoo to take the stage. And she calls herself a doctor? Doctor of what? Cruelty? Nancy tried to pull the 25th Amendment on Trump for no reason. Maybe she needs to take a long look at her candidate.

The media blatantly ignores Biden’s stumbling, bumbling, incoherent answers to questions off the cuff yet they used to vilify Trump for every word he may have misspoke which I can count on one hand. They replay the clip of Trump walking carefully down a slippery metal plank over and over while implying that he was senile. But they buried the clip of Biden falling three times walking UPstairs to Air Force One.

The double standard that they are treating Biden versus Trump is blaring. One reason I stopped watching most of the news these days, even conservative news, is because of the benefit of the doubt they give Joe when they attacked Trump at every possible chance. Even while he was in the hospital with covid 19 they attacked him. If it were Joe in the hospital with covid, the media would be having prayer vigils outside.

Has anyone noticed when Joe’s mind goes blank he resorts to familiar refrains like: “I’m not kidding, I’m serious, It’s not hyperbole, I’m not being facetious”? This is his way to stall for time to get his derailed mind back on track to his rehearsed talking points. When that doesn’t work he leans forward, gets a wide-open look in his eyes, then stares into the camera and talks in a soft voice with his hands in a karate chop parallel position. All very strange to me. Whoever his handler is, they need to be fired.

Politics have even ruined my favorite reality shows. We can’t get away from it. A developer on Million Dollar Listing New York said, “We have a great new president so that uncertainty is gone” but he decided to rent out his units rather than sell the units. What?? What world is he living in? I thought there was a great new president and things are turning around? He’s even covering for Biden. Amazing. People are leaving New York City in droves and the real state market is tanking there. The streets are not safe from BLM and Antifa. But somehow Biden gets a plug? I was blown over by that ignorant comment and had to turn it off.

Everyone is covering for this incompetent, corrupt, bumbling Mr. Magoo of a president. I’m sick of it. Nancy you better pull out that old amendment soon as our country has a dummy with an arrogant temper in possession of the nuclear codes and is increasingly “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.” He is an embarrassment to the U.S. on the world stage. Am I the only one that sees this? Anyone…anyone…?


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