Who Are We Kidding????

Photo by Gilberto Reyes on Pexels.com

Our country is being run by a bunch of evil idiots, but we pretend like we can have an intelligent debate with these nuts. We can’t. Yesterday the goofy head of border control speaking to congress wouldn’t admit there is a crisis at the border. Rather, he lied and said the surge began last year around April; and due to covid, it will time time to get under control! Are you kidding me? No one challenged him on that comment. They asked him if their border policies are working? He had no answer for that. Because secretly their policies are working. They want to flood America with two million illegals from 140 different countries. Joe promised it in his campaign. Play the tape.

But notice how they are trying to blame Trump? Trump started the surge? Trump incited the planned-ahead, weapon-hidden, National Guard stand down, FBI infiltrated breach of the capitol by saying, “march peacefully and patriotically to the capitol to voice your support?” I…don’t…think…so.

Yesterday’s sham committee meeting was another set up against Trump by Nancy as she has blood on her hands. It was an embarrassing display of whimpering cops deflecting blame onto conservatives while ignoring the death of Ashli Babbitt and other evidence that it was planned days ahead. Their scripted speeches were filled with lies written by none other than Shifty Schiff no doubt–the frustrated Hollyweird screenwriter. Armed militia “We want Trump” terrorists? Talk about fiction.

Evil Nancy got a note delivered to her from the National Guard and dismissed it. She refused security that day. In fact, she sent many capitol building cops home before the event occurred. This whole event was on her. She knows she’s been caught, so what does she do? She orchestrates a one-sided scripted meeting with anti-Trump, weepy cops to accuse yet again, Trump. Why not bring in the anti-Trump cop who shot Ashli Babbitt? Where’s his testimony? Oh…I forgot. He’s one of the protected class.

The GOP needs to hold a rebuttal to this committee led by Jim Jordan and bring in their own witnesses. I’d put Nancy on the stand under oath. For some reason we just keep taking it on the chin from the left. We need to play their game. The best defense is a good offense. All we do is defense. We should know better by now that they can’t be trusted.

And what’s with our giggling news anchors? They need to take what’s going on in this country serious. They shouldn’t be giggling about anything. They need to look and act as serious as a heart attack. We are in a crisis in this country right now with mask mandates looming over our heads as well as school and business closures again, yet these news anchors continue to banter with each other like nothing is wrong. We’re heading for another financial crisis. Forget about the border crisis. If we have another shutdown of any kind due to covid, our country is done. We might as well call ourselves a third world country.

Start hoarding your toilet paper and stocking your shelves again if this crazy continues. Biden is a creep in the White House and doesn’t know what the hell he has done to us. And doesn’t care. He’s got a serious health condition, why not take down the country with him? Worst president in U.S. history. I weep for our future. Who are we kidding by pretending we can debate rationally with evil idiots? We can’t.


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