“Buy American,” Which Trump Coined, is Being Used by Joe.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The complete slogan was “Buy American, Hire American” but old Joe knows that many illegals will be put to work now that 500,000 have been welcomed into our country by Joe. But we also know that old Joe is in bed with China, so this half slogan is not only plagiarized but is disingenuous. Even slow Joe knows most items made in China are cheaper to purchase including solar panels and windmills. Just because Joe says it, doesn’t mean he means it. He’s a pathological liar.

Like yesterday when he said that he used to drive a big rig. Was that while he was in college as a frat boy drinking and driving his father’s dealership cars? Does he even know that he’s never worked at a job outside the government? Does he know you need special training and a special license to drive a big rig? And when old Joe says, “This country was built on the backbone of unions” does he realize he laid off thousands of union workers when he cancelled the Keystone Pipeline? Most out-of-touch-with-reality president in modern day history along with his running mate. They give new meaning to the word “clueless.”

Message to college students ashamed to be American: “Love it or leave it.” Another good slogan that we don’t use often enough. It seems students are being taught in college to hate America because it is not socialist enough. These students want more freebies. They must be decibels of Bernie Sanders. Leave America if you think it’s better elsewhere. Just remember the “grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence.” Ask yourself, “why is it that we are being flooded by migrants from 140 different countries?” America must have something they don’t.

Message to Olympic athletes that won’t stand for the Anthem or American Flag: “Don’t bite the hand that fed you.” If it weren’t for America, you wouldn’t be standing on that podium or winning. We trained you. We invested in you. We promoted you. Don’t bite our hand. Play for another country.

Basically what we have here is a nation of ingrates. Ungrateful, spoiled brats we have raised to adulthood. It is shameful. That is something to be ashamed of, not America. First I blame their parents, then social media, and then our teachers. What are they indoctrinating into our students? Hate for America? Who are these teachers that refuse to come back to work because of a virus, vacationed all last year, and got raises to boot? Sounds lazy to me.

And social media. No telling what hate they have spread into the mushy brains of our youth from talk of racism to hate for police to hate for country. Ironically, it is the left saying that patriots are spreading hate. They need to take a long, long look in the mirror because every time I turn on the news, which is less and less these days, they’re at the mic or in the streets spewing hate of one thing or another. Even ones in office or entertainment like Maxine Waters, Pelosi, AOC, Cher, and Joy Behar are. The hate they spread daily is palpable.

Why does it seem the left is still angry? They got the man in office they wanted, maybe by nefarious means, but they still got him. (At least for the time being.) You’d think they’d shut the hell up and be happy for a change. But no. They are still on a quest for vengeance. Could it be they are guilt-ridden? Never underestimate the guilty conscience. It will surface in the most uncanny ways, usually through anger.


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