Biden’s Grasping at Straws Now…

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as he sees himself sinking in his covid quagmire which he created. He told his first truth, however, that the vaccine was created under the previous [Trump] administration but had to slip in a lie that it was first distributed under his administration. My vaccine card belies his statement as well as when he got his vaccine. The vaccines starting coming out curiously the day after the election. Shocker. Essential workers and VIP started getting the vaccine at the end of the year 2020 while Trump was STILL PRESIDENT! Nice try Joe. Caught again lying!

Biden actually said today, in his longest presser since taking office, that some people can’t get the vaccine because their employer won’t let them take off of work!!!! This is one of the biggest whoppers he’s ever told. There is not an employer in this country that wouldn’t let one get the vaccine if they chose to do so. So you see, this is his ploy. Blame those rascally small business owners (usually conservatives) for the reason he couldn’t get enough citizens vaccinated.

Biden…you are grasping at straws looking for a legit excuse for why covid cases haven’t been eradicated as you predicted. Here’s the main reason that may have slipped your fragile mind: You’ve let 500,000 illegal aliens into our country without checking them for covid first! Then you flew them to red states in order to infect those religious non-vaxers so you could blame them. YOU are the reason!

This is bordering on no-brainer stuff at this point. In order to get through to this administration one has to be adept at conversing with mentally challenged children and we’re not. So Kammie comes out with a 13-page report on the root causes of the border problem. All it needed was two words: Open Borders but she played the blame Trump game once again. The reason is Open Borders nothing to do with Trump. He closed the border and built a wall. They must think we are dumb or blind to come up with their reasoning.

Biden confused Trump for Obama during one of his speeches, then caught himself saying “Freudian slip.” Well…if it was Freudian, then he must secretly wish he was still VP but under Trump rather than Obama. He also confused Trump with Bush sneaking in “he caused [the recession] then caught himself and said “never mind.” Biden is clearly a couple of fries short of a happy meal.

The reinstatement of masks and restrictions indoors is nothing more than a smokescreen or distraction to get our minds off of all their failures. If everyone is talking about mask wearing, they won’t be talking about the Arizona audit in which Trump comes out ahead or the border crisis where covid infected illegals are being moved to other states, or high inflation and the cost of gas, or the escalating crime in Democrat cities, or the phony infrastructure bill, or the sham Jan 6th committee. Mask wearing seems to be the topic du jour and whether or not there is science to back up the new mandates. The answer is NO. Fauci is batshit crazy and Biden together with the CDC have politicized the pandemic to instill fear and control over the people.

Here’s the truth: If you’re vaccinated, you don’t need a mask. PERIOD. If you’re not vaccinated, take your own precautions around strangers like washing your hands when you get home, no close-talking with strangers, and avoid all sick people. Pretend like you’re avoiding getting the flu.

Bottom line: We are all responsible for our own wellbeing. Not our doctor, not our government. Let us live in peace and stay out of our homes. Don’t wear the mask.


2 thoughts on “Biden’s Grasping at Straws Now…

  1. Making a lot of noise about covid is just a diversion to make people look away from their gross mismanagement of everything in general. Keeps peoples minds off the mass influx of illegals. News agencies are happy to comply, because they don’t want to report on the massive blunders and the Democrat’s inabilities to mount a meaningful foreign policy. Prices are going sky high and the shelves in your local super market are growing more bare daily. The whole damn country is headed downhill on greased rails and these idiots have no idea how to fix it, especially Willie Brown’s girlfriend.

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