Local News Blames Baby Boomers for Increase in Crime!! What???

Photo by Centre for Ageing Better on Pexels.com

These liberal news stations needed to come up with a reason people are getting shot indiscriminately and more frequently in cities across America and all they’ve got is “baby boomers have retired in record numbers causing a decrease in the police force?” Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. Have they gotten their heads so deep in the fake news sand that they’ve forgotten that it was the Democrats, including Biden, that have been asking for DEFUND THE POLICE for over two years now!? Remember Biden couldn’t say he was for Law and Order during a debate? Ummm…Isn’t that evidence enough?

Instead they come up with a sugarcoated story that it is getting harder to find recruits to the police department now that baby boomers have been retiring since the year 2013. Notice they had to go back before Trump time in order to avoid all the Defund the Police news. Maybe it’s getting harder to find recruitments to the police department because they are getting slammed in the news daily for the last four years as well as getting ambushed by thugs!!!!! It’s not a safe nor revered career choice like it used to be!

I’m getting sick of the news lying to us like we are idiots. Shootings have increased due to a police force that has its hands tied behind their backs not to interfere. Remember when some of the Democrat candidates for president actually said social workers should be called out to a domestic violence call? What a bunch of morons. Social workers would be getting shot down instead of the police. These thugs do not value life.

Yes, there is increased crime across America not due to ghost guns nor gun shows nor baby boomers retiring but only due to liberal cities NOT ENFORCING LAW AND ORDER, cutting police salaries, allowing a flood of criminals to cross over the border, no bails set for arrestees, releasing prisoners from jail early, and the media vilifying the police at every chance. This has caused an increase in police reduction and, consequently, increased crime. Plus it is extremely dangerous to put on the police uniform these days due to ambushes by criminals.

So when these local news stations want to blame baby boomers retiring as the reason there is increased crime, they need to replay some news clips from the last four years of street violence by BLM, Resist Movement, Antifa, and Summer of Love in Seattle then reevaluate their reasoning. When streets were on fire in Minneapolis, streets seized in Seattle, 50 shootings a night in Chicago, stores looted and police cars burned in NYC, it wasn’t due to baby boomers retiring. Please. Give us a break from stupidity just one day. And they report this garbage with a smiling face.

Most of these street thug killers are college age rabble-rousers being taught to hate America in college so there’s another reason. We could go back to the crib but to blame baby boomers is such a stretch it’s not even close to being a reason.

Bottom line: If you want a safer America, vote Republican all the way down the ticket as long as they don’t have these names: Republican Sens. Richard Burr of North Carolina, Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Utah, Ben Sasse of Nebraska and Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania…all stupidly voted to convict Trump. As well as Liz Cheney. Vote them all out! We don’t need RINOs in office. They are flies in the ointment.


3 thoughts on “Local News Blames Baby Boomers for Increase in Crime!! What???

  1. Thank you for speaking out! The Fake News has gotten so ridiculous I don’t even watch it anymore. But now they’ve really outdone themselves by blaming boomers. But we already know they’ll blame anyone but the Demon-crats!

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