Ramping Up Covid Fear is Only a Distraction…

U.S.A. The United Sheep of America

from the Democrats getting caught in their cover up of the Wuhan Lab that they invested in and the catastrophe at the border which they created.. What better way to take the news off of the real issues by spreading fear of another more deadly strain of the same virus. Hey, it worked before. And if we learned one thing from the first pandemic, we are a flock of compliant sheep.

We all pretty much know that the Chinese Wuhan Lab created a deadly virus then released it on the rest of the world while protecting their country by closing off the borders of Wuhan to the rest of China. We also know that they have destroyed evidence and some of their scientists are missing. We also know now why they wouldn’t allow the U.S. into investigate early on. We also know they knew about it long before we were told. We also know the W.H.O. was covering for them or part of the evil plan. Bill Gates works with W.H.O.

Who stood to gain the most from the virus attacking the U.S.? The Democrats, Biden, Fauci, and China. Who stood to be hurt the most by the virus attacking the U.S.? Trump and the presidential election. Follow the money and you’ll see who’s made millions from the vaccines which may have been unnecessary if our country used the Hydroxy cocktail on patients which was shunned by the Dems.

So now that the cat is out of the bag on what went down in Wuhan, what better time to spread fear of a more deadly version of the first virus and reinstate mask mandates across the nation? The more we see people wearing masks, the more fear it instills. Not to me but to the uninformed person also known as gullibles. They think it is spreading fast and that they’ll be next in line. I’ve already noticed it in Target. Everyone donned a mask like obedient little children except myself. I wasn’t going to have it. No one working there said a thing to me. You could see they were tempted to, but begged off. Even they realize that the mandates are draconian.

I’ve had it with the mask mandates. Next time I go shopping and a clerk asks me to put on a mask, I walk out leaving a full cart of groceries for them to deal with. They’ll think twice about confronting the next maskless shopper. Just because they are following their states stupid mandates doesn’t mean I have to look stupid. If more and more people object to this nonsense maybe then, and only then, will we take our country back from the loons. I’m a silent disruptor, which means I won’t cause a scene or argue, just silently walk out on them. Hurt them in the pocketbook and maybe this madness will stop.

The next thing coming down the pike as we get closer to 2022’s election is a national business and school lockdown to slow the spread again. Start hoarding your toilet paper because the left knows it worked before, and they are vying for those mail in ballots once again. Mark my words. What better way to force mail in ballots on us again than to say it is to protect the health of our nation? Fool me once…


6 thoughts on “Ramping Up Covid Fear is Only a Distraction…

  1. Hello from the UK

    Thank you very much for this post. Whilst I have no direct reason to support Donald Trump, I realised over his tenure in the White House that his portrayal by the main stream media was ridiculous and fraudulent.

    So now I back him for what it’s worth from over the pond as they say.

    As regards masks, they have been pointless and I have refused to wear one despite pressure to do so at times. The government here have in fact issued guidance and advice but people have been too dim to double check although it took me 3 months or so to properly check myself.

    As regards Wuhan this is not as it seems. I explain on my website if you are interested. There are further links to the various issues if you need them including of course the poison vaccines.

    I do write about Brainless Biden too if you need a laugh and some truth thrown in.


    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


    1. Love to have a reader from across the pond although I’ve never traveled abroad. I’m 9% English and the rest Norwegian. I have 50 living relatives in Norway. I will follow you. I have other suggestions for who to follow: Steelpencil and Dangerous Thoughts.

      I see three reasons why people where the mask: 1) they fear catching covid. 2) they just want to comply to avoid a hassle. 3) a political statement that they support Biden. I’m with No.2. Put it on just to avoid a debate with the mask Nazis as we call them.

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      1. I am very pleased to have ticked a box for you as it were.

        I am a bit of a sad case myself as I am looking at getting hits from every country in the world. I like looking at the pretty flags which are fascinating in their own right and tell a story!

        I understand about the mask Nazis; your use of Nazis is sadly true than perhaps you realise.

        Thank you for the other sites info. It is a struggle to select sites as you get bombarded with emails and it is bad enough with other daily tasks at the moment, let alone trying to look at all the emails.

        And my wife will get even more frustrated with me if I don’t do something practical around the house and garden!

        Anyway, thanks for following, I always welcome comments and if I make typos etc. I am always glad to have these spotted as I am the only one proof reading.




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