“Another One Bites the Dust.”

Andrew Cuomo (@andrewcuomo) | Twitter
As Queen would say.

Another Darling of the Left that is. Whenever a person in the public eye gets praised and looked up to by the left, I say it’s the kiss of death because they don’t know how to pick ’em. They have poor judge of character. They were crowning Governor Cuomo president last year while he was holding dueling pressers with our President and his covid team. Then when it turned out that Cuomo stupidly signed an order to send covid patients back to their rest homes causing the death of thousands, the left overlooked it. I couldn’t believe they would overlook that.

Soon afterwards, women started coming out of the woodwork claiming that the guy was a lecher of a boss. We’ve all had those types and usually quit soon after. But the left gave him a pass then too. In fact, they propped him up saying he was the “Most Eligible Bachelor in New York.” Hollyweird even gave him an Emmy Award for his tv appearances. They gushed over this lech especially CNN and MSNBC. They should be asking anchors (Chris Cuomo) to step down for the praise they gave this man. I couldn’t believe it and during the #Metoo movement and all. How did this guy get away with it? Because he was a well known Democrat that came after Trump.

Now that the DOJ’s investigation turned up many legitimate claims of sexual harassment even Biden has asked him to resign. I couldn’t believe my ears especially when Biden has been accused of something much worse finger rape and the left discredited his accuser. Boy, oh boy, the White House must really be looking for a news diversion from their covid and border catastrophes to throw one of their own under the bus. Or is something more nefarious underworks? Hmmmm…. Notice yesterday Biden accused Florida and Texas governors for mismanaging covid while ignoring Louisiana governor who clearly has the most cases now. They are threatened by DeSantis. They even asked him to step aside and let the cities takeover the management of covid. How insulting. But I digress.

Is Cuomo just a sacrificial lamb? Are the powers at be using Cuomo as an example so the media (that they have in their pocket) will ask that Biden do the same? Rather than step down for mental incapacity, they’d rather it be for sexual misconduct? What are they up to? Are they laying the groundwork to go after Trump again for Stormy? I wouldn’t put it past them. Trump was not holding an elected office when Stormy happened. They are always ten steps ahead of us when it comes to elections. But why would they want Kammie over Biden right now? Are the feminists taking over? Kammie as President and Nancy as VP? Ugh!

Let’s recall all the former darlings of the left that were taken down after much praise from the left: Matt Lauer, Avenatti, Weinstein, Spacey, Franken, Epstein, Cohen, and Weiner. Now if we can only get the same fate for the rest of their darlings like Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Brennan, Dr. Ford, Fauci, Clapper, Swetnick, Vindman, Gen. Milley, Hunter, Whistleblower, Steele and a few more too insignificant to remember. Albeit, these shifty characters have not yet been taken to full task, but I’m a hopeful karmantic. Where’s Durham? Anyone…? Anyone?

I suspect the next “darling” to bite the dust is Dr. Fauci for screwing up the messaging on covid 19 from the get go. Heaven forbid they blame Biden. Someone else will have to take the hit, and Trump is out of the picture. Bye bye Fauci.


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