Can a Bill Maher Like Lib Save Us From Marxism?

Bill Maher: Do We Need Him? | GQ
Liberal Bill Maher Sides against wokeness.

Did Bill Maher take the side of a staunch conservative talk show host on his show over a liberal black guy? What am I seeing here? He actually said “Wokeness will kill Americans.” Lordy be. Could he be, or someone like him, our savior from the left by convincing the gullibles that they are playing a fool’s game? I sure hope so as we need all the help we can get from the libs. His audience was definitely in the camp of the black guest until Bill set them straight. Then they gave a hesitant confused smattering of claps.

“Comedian Bill Maher slammed “woke” culture and said that defunding the police and ignoring the theory that the coronavirus came from a Chinese lab due to fear of being called racist are examples of how “wokeness” will “get people killed.”

“Let me give you an example, you said you think it doesn’t get anybody killed? I think it does,” Maher said on “Real Time” Friday night. “Defunding the police I think came from wokeness and it will get people killed.” FOX News.

This is part of the problem. The left owns entertainment shows and those that watch them get their news from them. But if we can finally get one smart entertainer such as Bill Maher to change the hearts and minds of the confused general public away from Marxism, we may be able to take our country back from the brink of disaster. The left has openly embraced the term socialism but socialism leads to communism.


Karl Marx, writing with Friedrich Engels, developed a theory of social and economic principles and a sharp critique of the capitalist form of government in the mid-1800s. Marx believed that workers, under the capitalist system of government, sold their labor and that this labor became a commodity. This commodity, or “labor power” translated into surplus value for the capitalist, but not for the worker. Marx concluded that this created an inherent conflict between the working class (proletariat) and the ownership class (the bourgeoisie). Because capitalism has this “built in” inequality, Marx argued that the working class would eventually take power over the ruling class, reconstructing society. This reconstruction would take place in stages. The next stage after capitalism, according to Marx, would be a socialist form of government.


Socialism advocates public ownership of property and natural resources rather than private ownership. The socialist system of government values cooperation over the competitiveness of a free market economy. Socialists believe that all people in society contribute to the production of goods and services and that those goods should be shared equally. This differs from the capitalist system in which individual efforts trump the collective and the free market determines the distribution of goods. Examples of socialist policies include a living wage, free higher education and universal health care. Advocates of socialism believe that capitalism creates vast inequality and that it ultimately leads to imperialism, a hyper-form of capitalism.

Communism: The Last Stage

The communist doctrine differs from the socialist worldview because communism calls not only for public ownership of property and natural resources, but also for the means of production of goods and services. Karl Marx argued that capitalism, with its strict adherence to free market principles, divided people because of competition. He believed communism was the solution. According to Marx, communism would give people a chance to develop into their very best. He concluded that communism was a natural progression from socialism and would occur in two stages. First, the working class would gain control of society and push the ownership class out. Second, society would evolve into a classless one without government. According to, Marx and Friedrich Engels defined communists in their “Communist Manifesto” as, “The most advanced and resolute section of the working class which parties every country, that section which pushes forward all others.”

Marxism, Socialism and Communism Throughout the World

Many countries have adopted various forms of Marxism, socialism and communism. The former Soviet Union is the most famous example of a communist system of government, lasting from 1922 to 1991. The People’s Republic of China has a communist government, although, China has developed a more mixed market economy with private ownership and state ownership of entities such as media. European countries like France, Italy and England have mixed economies with free market and socialist policies such as universal health care and free collegiate education. The United States, a capitalist mixed economy, has examples of socialist policies such as public schools, libraries and health care support in the form of Medicaid and Medicare for low income people and senior citizens.” Classroom

Bill Maher is onto something when he says “wokeness will kill.” Open borders will kill Americans by allowing criminals and terrorists into our country as well as spreading covid across the nation. Defunding the police is killing Americans daily especially the cops hired to protect us. Mask mandates will cause a variety of health issues on our children not to mention mental stunting. Forced vaccinations of folks with preexisting conditions may cause their death. The government’s overreach has caused unintended consequences across the country too numerous to list.

CNN is blasting Republicans for spreading covid with no mention of the open borders filled with covid infected migrants being dispersed across America. News Flash: Not all unvaccinated folks are Republican. Many Democrat blacks are fearful of the shot due to the black VP saying she wouldn’t take it. Many religious persuasions are reluctant to take it. Many folks have underlying conditions making it a risk to take. They all have the right to refusal as long as they don’t take risks of their own and catch it.

Biden has never been on the right side of an issue or decision in his whole government career. He is leading us in many wrong directions. Will it take a Bill Maher to stand up against Marxism or as he calls it “wokeness” to save America? The gullibles certainly won’t listen to any conservative in the public eye. We’ve gone past socialism, as the liberals are proud to be part of it, and now are close to communism.

I welcome any liberal in the public eye to finally grow a brain and find the courage to come to the aid of their country. They may be banned or lose fans or constituents but at what price saving our country? It’s worth it. You’ll be rewarded tenfold. Think of it as joining the service. We want you! I Want You for U.S. Army - Nearest Recruiting Station Vintage  USA Patriotic Military Reproduction Poster (19 1/4 x 26 1/4"): Prints:  Posters & Prints

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