Defiant Biden Won’t Take Blame.

Passing the buck.

The guy who claims “the buck stops here” is passing the buck to anyone he can find. He’s so arrogant he will never admit to any wrongdoing. While he was on vacation, he turned his back on the Afghan people and let the Taliban terrorists takeover city by city, so he knew it was happening. Dereliction of duty. While Pippi Psaki was on vacation, she had no one filling in for her. Dereliction of her duty too.

I don’t think Biden cares a twit about Afghanistan nor the people there including Americans. Now Nancy comes out and says Biden did a swift and decisive job in removing our troops. Is she watching the same news? The only one who thinks Biden did a good job is Bette Midriff and probably Streisand, Cher, Madonna, Joy, Meryl, and Fonda. Combine those five geniuses’ minds and you get one normal IQ.

Biden knew this fiasco would occur as he was forewarned, so he either must have wanted it to occur or we have an extremely lazy or feckless military. Or is something more nefarious going on? Did Biden want to create a smokescreen to get the news off the story of the upcoming election audits, southern border crisis, or excessive infrastructure bill filled with pork? War always trumps talks of boring election results, immigration reform, or tax hikes. No one is talking about the results of election audits, the border surge filled with covid-infected criminals, nor the infrastructure bill with money going to everything except roads and bridges. Mission accomplished, Biden, as the news cycle has shifted to exclusively our failure in Afghanistan.

When Biden gives his teleprompter speeches he always ends with, “God bless and protect our troops.” We now know those are empty words coming from him. He doesn’t give a hoot about our troops nor their reputation. In fact, under Biden’s orders he has made them look like cowards who cut and run, but they are only performing the orders given by their commanders. The buck stops with Biden whether he wants it to or not. Own it Biden.


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