Do You Have “Stealer’s Remorse” Yet?

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It’s like buyer’s remorse only instead of purchasing something legally, you stole it but wish you hadn’t. You know who you are. Most likely a registered Democrat or Independent that sent in a mail in ballot as well as voted in person. You may have sneakily filled out a ballot addressed to the former occupant of your home and mailed it in. Or you filled out your deceased parent’s ballot and mailed it in. Or you voted and weren’t a legal citizen or even of legal age. Or you worked at an election office and photocopied many blank ballots and filled them out yourself. Or you are a postal worker that discarded many ballots or drove them out of state. Or you tampered with the voting machines or snuck in suitcases of counterfeit ballots after hours. Or you gave the wrong pen to Republican voters so that their ballots would be disqualified. Whatever your method of cheating was, it was fraud; and you may be experiencing stealer’s remorse about now.

How does it feel? Are you guilt ridden yet? You got who you wanted. How’s he doing anyway? How’s your guy you risked going to jail for doing? How’s your gasoline bill these days? How about your grocery bill? How’s your heating bill looking? How’s your child’s classroom look? Are they mask free? What are the teachers teaching your children? How’s your town looking these days? Is it tent free? Is it mask free? Is it riot and looting free? Is it safe to walk the streets? How’s your grocery shopping looking? How are your hospitals looking? How are our borders looking? How’s that Afghanistan pullout of the troops going?

If you’re honest with yourself, the answer to all of the above is dismal. In essence, you voted possibly more than once and illegally, for a feebleminded buffoon. You must have stealer’s remorse just as a bank robber has once he realizes his bag of bank bills were marked. How does it feel? Not so good I imagine. How do you sleep at night, those who cheated to get this chaotic president in office? How do you sleep? Most people, if they weren’t living under a rock, knew what Biden would bring us. He told us. He showed us who he was every time he opened his mouth.

I’m already hearing from those who voted for Biden that they want to move to Montana or Idaho. Really? After they’ve ruined the state of California with their frivolous, capricious voting habits, they want to go to another state and ruin it? How selfish are these people? I’d rather they didn’t vote at all and leave the president and governor choosing up to more informed people.

The way this country is being run is the most incompetent I’ve ever lived through, and it will only get worse if something isn’t done soon. All these evacuated foreigners coming into our country with God knows what sort of diseases that will be spread. They are coming by air, foot, buses, and trains. It is a mass invasion of our country from people from all over the world. Biden has caused this chaos and must resign or be impeached. This is getting too much to handle, and they are clearly not up for the job. Trump had a clear and precise plan to leave Afghanistan, but Biden discarded it along with all the other good plans Trump had in place. Biden is feebleminded. He needs to go.

The other day while Biden was giving a press conference, Kamala and Blinken stood at his side with big black masks covering most of their guilty faces. But from the looks of the fear in their eyes alone, they looked like hostages under Biden’s capture. I don’t like Kamala, but at least she’s not crazy. I think she may try to right the ship that Biden has clearly capsized. After all, first woman president, she has to do better than Biden; if not for the people, but for setting a good example for women in power. Hillary will have a hissy fit that it wasn’t her filling the job, but Kammie will just be a space filler until we get Trump back.

Do you have stealer’s remorse yet? And if you voted honestly but have not spoken out against the way the election was stolen, then you are part of the problem. Complicit to a crime is just as bad as committing it. Speak out against the way the election was rigged. Biden has to go. So does Newsom and Sisolak. Vote the bums out.


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