The Wrecking Ball.

The Rise and Fall of the Wrecking Ball | Smart News | Smithsonian Magazine

You know who I’m referring to. Joe Biden wrecks everything he touches then takes no responsibility. He’s the “dog ate my homework” or chaos president.

He wrecked the pullout of troops from Afghanistan. He wrecked the message of taking the vaccine. He wrecked the reopening of schools in a timely manner. He totally wrecked our secure borders turning it into complete chaos. He wrecked the message of whether to wear a mask or not after being vaccinated. Migrants are not required but school children are.

Biden wrecked the energy independence that we once enjoyed which has raised the cost of everything from gas to food. He wrecked the Olympics by allowing BLM messages. He wrecked women’s sports and the military by allowing transgenders to participate. He wrecked unity in America by injecting systemic racism into every speech he makes. He wrecked education by allowing CRT to be taught in school. There are many more things that Biden has wrecked, too numerous to list.

Whenever he is asked about his performance, he obfuscates the question in true sociopath manner after sporting a big guilty grin. He deflects. For instance, yesterday they asked him if he thinks he has done a good job pulling out of Afghanistan. His answer was “we have been in this war for 20 years; it’s time to pullout, and I don’t regret bringing our troops home.” See what he does? He was asked if did a good job, not if he did the job. He turns the question into whether we should be in another country with our troops. He is diabolical. He is dangerous.

I started to wonder why would this administration prefers chaos to calm? Are they trying to get us into a war? It sure looks like it. Democrats love war although they profess not to. That is their dirty little secret. Biden wants a war under his watch and is heading us into one. He wants to be the new George W. Bush. Just wait. The first terror attack we get on our soil, we’ll be back in a war with some country. There’s a reason Schumer is dancing up a storm and high fiving on video. Something is up. They love calamity and are wrecking everything in seven months that we’ve worked so hard for.

Biden wrecks everything he touches. Whether he admits it or not, his pullout in Afghanistan was ill-conceived, sloppy, and careless. Basically he put the cart before the horse.

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