The United Sheep of America…

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is what we are turning into. Other countries are wondering what happened to America and the leader of the free world. We look to be capitulating to every demand the terror group Taliban asks for. Which makes us sheep.

We walk around wearing masks for no reason, getting booster shots for no reason, and masking our children in school for no reason. Which makes us sheep. Where’s our backbone? Where’s our mettle? What has become of the America I grew up in? It is hardly recognizable any longer.

The sheep drive around in prissy electric cars, staring at a contraption in their hands, while wearing a mask for no good reason. Who are they? They get their news off a cellphone or social media which has gone totally radical. They sympathize with radicals like BLM, Antifa, and now Taliban. Any group that stands up to America, the sheep seem to sympathize with. Why? Why is this? Must be Stockholm Syndrome.

The millennials, GenZs, and GenXs are running our country right now from AOC to the leaders of BLM. Our government is in lockstep with all their demands just like they are in Afghanistan to the Taliban demands. We look weak, inept, and helpless. Which makes us sheep. Some cities allow drug addicted homeless to live on the sidewalks in tents. The streets reek of urine, feces, and pot, yet it is allowed to continue due to our weak political leaders. And the sheep just walk on by and ignore it like good little sheep do.

Our military commanders and leaders would rather talk about white rage, CRT, white supremacists, and transgenders rather than protecting our country from Radical Islamic Terrorists. I wonder where they learned that from? Obama. Biden has surrounded himself with inept people to do his dirty work so he won’t get the blame thus the choice of Kammie, Blinken, and Austin. He wants to stay above the fray while his underlings take the heat. Obama used to do the same thing.

The result of all this pansy behavior is what we are witnessing in real time today. Our borders are looking like a third world country together with the debacle in Afghanistan. All of this was avoidable if we were under the leadership of Trump. But where do we go from here? How do we take our country back and turn the sheep back into human beings? A few suggestions would be breaking up social media conglomerates, holding news stations accountable when they report fake news, doing an audit of our education system from kindergarten on up to the universities, completing the election audits in all the stolen states, or impeaching Biden. But first we must takeover the House and the Senate. We have no power right now.

Anyone of the above looks to be in order about now. Short of going to the streets like the Tea Party did during Obama’s term, we don’t want to stoop to the level of Antifa and BLM. We are better than that, and I doubt it would even be reported accurately. The news would say white supremacists take to the streets. Or it would be infiltrated by BLM and someone would get hurt and blamed on conservatives. I just heard that a member of the Proud Boys who burned a BLM flag got sentenced, but BLM and Antifa do not get sentenced for tearing down statues and burning the American flag. We are upside down right now under this government. What’s bad is treated as good and what’s good is treated as bad.

There’s no other way out of this mess other than taking over the House and Senate and recalling governors like Newsom. Vote the bums out! Take the House and Senate and send Pelosi packing with her ice cream cartons and ugly masks.


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