Snarky, Cocky Biden and Psaki Amid Criticism.

Eddie Haskell - Wikipedia
Cocky Eddie Haskell from Leave it to Beaver.

Who is advising these two on how to handle press core questions? Axel Foley or Eddie Haskell? It appears so. They are cocky, sassy, and down right rude to the reporters. And they used to say Trump was rude to the press? Biden and Psaki give new meaning to rude and their advisers should be fired.

Eddie Murphy To Return As Axel Foley In Netflix's Beverly Hills Cop 4

These press core reporters, who usually are in the tank for Biden, are finally asking some tough questions and how does snarky Joe answer whether the deadline would go beyond 8-31? “You’ll be the first to know” with a sickening smile. And how does cocky Pippi answer? “That’s irresponsible to call Americans stranded.”

Who are they to scold a reporter when they are behind the worst foreign debacle since Viet Nam? Instead of being remorseful or embarrassed, they double down on their careless decisions claiming everything is going according to plan. We’ve seen more of the back of Biden’s head trotting swiftly away from questions than the front of his empty head.

Joe Biden Pushed Ronald Reagan to Ramp Up Incarceration

Currently suicide bombs are going off in Kabul injuring our people. Do Biden and Psaki have any empathy? No! They are two of the most apathetic, uncaring individuals ever in public office. It is disgraceful, and they should both step down along with fundraising Kammie. The three of these self-centered politicians are clearly out for themselves. The true winner of the presidential election should be installed quickly to save our country.

God bless the safe return of those stranded in Afghanistan along with our rescuing soldiers and pilots.


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